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Mend me shop ?????

I’m sure many of us have seen these ads.  I didn’t order anything but I am intrigued the “at home” ultrasound device they are promoting.  Has anyone used this device and had good results.  I am always cynical about ordering things online that promise results.  I would take a chance but they want over $300 for their product.  I will not order until I hear from my ATR friends.  Thank you in advance for your time.

I did a cartwheel !

I am 13 weeks post-op and today I felt strong and confident enough to try a cartwheel.  I was so elated that I did 5 more.  Ok, so I am bragging, but it felt fantastic.  The little milestones we achieve through all our hard work can bring us such encouragement.  It is great to hear about the progress people are making.  We just have to be patient, work hard and smart, and most of all have HOPE!  A big inspiration for me has been a world class gymnast named Courtney Kupets.  She ruptured her left achilles in 2003 and was able to compete and medal in the 2004 Olympic games.  After the Olympics she received a full scholarship to University of Georgia.  She successfully competed for three years and then she ruptured her right achilles this past March.  (I was kind of glad it wasn’t a rerupture) .  I hear she plans to come back again and compete in 2009.  How inspiring is that?  Good Luck to all of you!

numbness anyone?

Hello folks!  I am a few days short of 9 weeks post-opt.  I am walking pretty good now with a little swelling still present.  The one thing I am experiencing is a numbness on top of my foot and up my ankle.  Is this normal?  I am encouraged that my flexibility in my ankle went from negative 30 degrees (when my cast first came off) to plus 5  after my last PT session on Oct. 27.  However I am concerned with this numbness. Has anyone else experienced this.  I hope it is something that will eventually go away.

Massage is beneficial

Thank you to everyone who responded to my post (”I need encouragement”)  I am really starting to feel better the last few days.  My PT started doing a 15-20 minute scar massage while also manually stretching  my entire ankle.  She is doing this before and after I do all my intense stretching.  I think that this is loosening-up my tight ankle before I do my “held stretches” thus giving me more range.  At the end of my session I think that this massage is reducing my swelling.  I am walking much better and have less  pain. Good Luck to all of you and God Bless!

I need encouragement

I just discovered this site and this is my first post.  I am 8 weeks post-surgery and I am getting depressed.  I was an extremely active person who is stuggling with the fact that I walk like my arthritic grandmother.  I am extremely aggressive with my PT and I stretch it constantly.  It is so dam sore and stiff.  Can anyone please tell me how long it will take to get back to normal?

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