5 Days since I ruptured my left Achilles Tendon

5 Days since I ruptured my left Achilles Tendon

I ruptured my left achilles tendon on the 29th March 2012.
I am a teacher at a school in Melbourne, Australia and it
happened in the first minute of a teachers v students 5aside
soccer match. It was the penultimate day of term and it is
now Easter hols for 2 weeks. 

I went to hospital on the day it happened and the doctor
advised against me having surgery. He explained as the
rupture was too close to the muscle fibre it would be
virtually impossible to get a stitch in and pull the end
of the tendon down. 

I had a cast put on with, my toes pointing down, and I am
on crutches. My first check up will be in two days time.

We have 2 children (19 months and 4 months) and my wife
is doing a brilliant job looking after all 3 of us now!

I would appreciate any feedback about what i will be
facing over the coming months, particularly from other
people who did not have surgery.

8 Responses to “5 Days since I ruptured my left Achilles Tendon”

  1. Mark - I had surgery but there are plenty here that have gone down the non op track. The new protocols for rehab are very similar. Your doc is right in that it is too difficult to attach the tendon in the position you have ruptured. The good news is that there is more blood flow in that area and that will aid healing. Drop a line to Normofthenorth and he will guide you on the latest protocols for non op rehab. If your doc wants to keep you locked up in the cast for 12 weeks then you may thinky about finding another. My page is Xplora and there is a link in further reading to the Vacoped rehab protocol and some other reading. Take the time to learn about this injury and how it heals. There are also other good links on the main page of the this site. You will need to be careful for a while but many people on the non op road will be in a boot at 3- 6 weeks. My father did his last year in a similiar spot to yours and was in a boot from day one and full weight bearing. 7 weeks to 2 shoes. Not bad for 82.

  2. Stuart,

    Thanks for your message and reassuring comments. At the moment, it’s a lot to take in and think through, and I’ll check out the links/suggestions you made. It certainly gives me some ideas of what lies ahead and what questions I need to ask my doctor about my rehabilitation.

    I’m not sure if I can “beat” your father’s recovery time but it’s certainly reassuring to be in touch with fellow rupturers and know that there are many who have been down this same path before.

  3. Mark - Don’t feel you have to beat anyone. My father had other issues of balance after a neck of femur fracture and had to FWB from the start. He does not have to run anymore although he is still active. His recovery is a good example of what can be done without making things too hard or over complicated. There is a lot to take in but for now you need to rest and do some research. You should also start looking for a physio that has AT experience. Coming from Melbourne there should be plenty. AFL season now so finding one that is not too busy may be a challenge but the ones that treat the footballers would have some knowledge. Be an advocate for yourself with your doctor and ask questions if you don’t understand. I take it your are covered by workers comp since the injury happened in school time. They too will want to see you back at work as soon as you can. Try to get into a hinged walking boot as soon as you can. They will probably pay for it if your doctor backs you up. After being through this and seeing my father through this, I would flatly insist one from my doc and if he refuses then I would find another with more modern medical knowledge.

  4. Mark, sorry you’re now a member of the ATR club. I had surgery so can’t advise on that. Good though that you have the holiday break in your favor for the worst part of the injury period. & wonderful also that you have such a caring and supportive partner.

    All best, and have a good recovery.

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