Week 4 post-op + I’m a dumbass

So…might’ve been doing too much on the scooter too soon.  I went for my 4-week follow up and staple removal on Wednesday.

-Removed 22 staples.  Didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, more like a burning sensation, much like how people describe getting a tattoo.


-During debridement, the doctor noticed that part of the incision hadn’t healed.  You could see my repaired tendon (in the pic it’s all red and sad but this was because it JUST got debrided.)  It was only a 1/4 of an inch of exposed tendon but still, NOT GOOD.

-I got yelled at for moving too much during recovery (which was necessary and proper) and he stitched up the exposed part after numbing everything with three shots.  I’m now on bedrest for three weeks while it hopefully heels, and this time I’m taking it seriously.

-Got a new cast (purple with sparkles!) and they flexed my foot some more.  At least the stupid staples are gone.  I really hated those.

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  1. Hi there, Megan. I had achilles tendon surgery on June 28, 2016. I’m grateful that I was allowed to work from home until I heal. I pretty much stayed in bed with my leg elevated for the first 4 weeks. I absolutely hated the crutches and boot, so happy to get rid of those. Started PWB at 7 weeks and FWB at 8 weeks; transitioned from boot to shoes that same week. Walking very slow with a pronounced limp, but getting stronger. I started physical therapy last week–my PT gave me some great exercises to do on my own. Although it has only been a couple days, I can tell the exercises are helping with my flexibilty. Frustrated that my achilles tendon is still tight, but not gonna rush it. Be patient and let the tendon heal. The magic begins to happen between weeks 8 and 12. Hang in there.

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