15 weeks and FINALLY a boot and referral to specialist and MRI

So here is the run down..
AR Day - During military training I jumped and herd that POP, went to the base hospital, was sent for an ultra sound and put in a cast

Day 3 - Back to the Dr for ultra sound results.. Not a full rupture but the extent of damage unknown as I could not flex my foot so the scan was inconclusive. Put in a removable fiberglass splint (so I could take it off to shower ) and it was still so my tows were very pointed.

Week 1 to week 8 - each week change the splint re adjusting the angle until it was almost 90* while going to PT once a week to work on ROM and have an ultra sound treatment. Around week 6? added pool physio up to 30 mins 3 times a week.

Week 9 - ween off the splints and move to 2 shoes and day by day work up to partial weight bearing still on crutches.

Week 10 - working up to full weight bearing…end of week 10 after physio while driving home major spaz in my leg I could not even stand to have my foot touch the floor. Back to the splint and non weight bearing until I could get into see the Dr again.

Week 11 - Went to the Dr (every time I go to the Dr I get someone new as we dont have an assigned Dr its just whoever is on duty) and he didnt think much of it. I insissited that something was wrong and didnt feel right and I needed to see a specialist who would know more of what might be going on and I need another ultra sound or MRI to get a better picture as the last one I was to swollen to show anything. So he signed off on the referral to the specialist, but I get a call later that week saying the specialiest he sent it to retired and I have to make another appointment to get a new referral. (next opening with ANY Dr on base is in 4 weeks)

Week 12-14 - Stopped pool physio at week 10 as it was just to painful. back to slowly working on ROM and working to partial weight bearing.

Week 15 - Finally in to see again a different Dr. I told him the history onf the injury and that I had had enough of this weight and see aproch as it was going no where and was not getting any better, I told him I wanted an MRI and a boot and a referral to a specialist!! To mu serprise he said he totally agreeded and he was astonished that none of this had been had been done before this point.

So I have had the Boot for 2 days now and WOW what a difference.. I had been wrapping my leg to try and give it some support, which was a lot better then nothing, but the boot WOW.. Im full weight bearing without crutches and by the end of the day I feel a little muscle fatigue and discomfort, but not the pain and spazzing I had been experiencing when I was slightly / partally weight bearing.

Hopefully I will get the MRI appointment in the next few days and the Specialist soon after

Military is great for some things.. But the medical system leaves MUCH to be desired :-S

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  1. ali39 on July 8th, 2011

    Hi McGee, I got a boot after 12 weeks. Honestly, I don’t have the language to describe the pre boot experience. Hope your journey from now on is a much more postive and healing one.

  2. drccds on July 8th, 2011

    Ultimately, you are responsible for your care. Being assertive helped. Keep on it.

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