9 weeks finally PWB…no boot?

I have been out of the leg splint fully for 2 weeks still NWB on crutches, wearing my running shoes and letting my bad foot roll as if I was walking but NWB on it to work on the ROM.  As well as going to pool physio 3 times a week “running” laps in the deep end.

Then this week at PT I was told to start PWB and just use 1 crutch as much as I felt no pain or discomfort then go back to 2 when needed.

Any time I have asked about when I might be going into a boot I have gotten a “wait and see” answer. And I know that “If” or when I do go into a boot the only one the Base hospital (military) will give me is a plain air boot, no hinge, as basic as they come.

Would it be better to go with this basic boot where I would have no ROM , or to continue with just in running shoes and slowly increasing the amount and duration of WB?

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