6 Weeks and finally some progress

So on Wed, 6 weeks from ATR,  I went for my weekly physio session. Up until now other then some light stretching and ultrasound very little has been done asanytime we tried to progress with trying to put weight on my leg or stretch just a tiny bit then last time it would protest and swell soI have been about 98% NWB, (we all have little slips and put your foot down a little more then we know we should). 

But that day I was finally able to stand with my heel on the ground, first NWB then slowly put about 10% weight on the bad leg with no discomfort. As it was going so well I was then put on the bike. It went better then expected. I did about 7 mins, going very slow and at level zero. :-) finally some ROM.

My PT then worked on a jaw issues I have and while she was working on that my leg started to throb, so put some ice on it. but it wasn’t a bad kind of throb it felt good to get my ankle moving again. She recommended I ice it later that night again as well.

With this progress, I have now been signed up for pool physio 3 days a week. I’m to start with only 20 min and I will be banned from the shallow end.

Heres to moving forward

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  1. normofthenorth on May 9th, 2011

    Ya, to moving forward! And don’t let your ATR stress you out so much that you clench your jaw, either.

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