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Cruel & Unusal Punishment

I am officially 9-weeks post-op as of yesterday! Yea! I am excited about my progress. I am walking most days and the majority of any given day without a limp. My physical therapist deserves the credit. She works my leg/Achilles heel mercilessly. She has no problem pushing me past what I think I can do.

calf-stretch My physical therapy consists of riding a stationary bicycle, stretching, calf lifts - ouch! And I get to use some sort of machine that measures the strength of my ankle. It is a BTE machine. It is computerized and I do 5 sets of calf lifts on my stomach strapped to this machine. She changes the weight weekly. My therapist tells me I have increased my strength every week over the last 4 weeks, including today. The cruel and unusual punishment is in the progressive difficulty my therapist adds weekly.

I thought I might actually quit today. I actually did calf lifts standing on the floor, feet shoulders width apart and holding on to a bar. It was definitely one of the hardest things I have done to date. My therapist had my leg shaking with all of the things she put me through today. On a happier note I went and had a pedicure today. I had one the week before surgery in August. Today was a treat and my feet are very happy!

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  1. normofthenorth Says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t get to “leg shaking” at 9 weeks, or even 12 weeks. There will be time for pushing your leg (and body) to exhaustion, but I don’t think it’s now for you. After my first ATR, I had a keen PT who talked me into doing too much too soon (1-leg heel raises at ~12 weeks post-op), and the result was a painful one-MONTH setback, back in a boot when I should have been in shoes working on my perfect walk. (Details on my blog pages, somewhere.)

    There was another Achilles website called Marfell Family Achilles Forum (linked from the main page here), where they asked all their reruptured folks to name the cause of their rerupture. One of the largest single causes named was “physio”! So don’t be a blind follower. Keep moving ahead but incrementally. Don’t jump way ahead, or you might go backwards instead of forwards.

    (I just tried to find that Marfell Achilles discussion, and instead I found a “What’s This” page that says “. . . Gone is the forum – no discussion about Achilles Tendon rupture etc. etc. etc.” So I guess it’s gone, unless saved it. :-(

  2. emmq Says:

    Good work McDarling! I am too working hard on my PT mostly in the pool though. Really good to hear from someone healing at the same stage etc, reassuring about progress and doing PT exercises etc.

    Hope all goes well hun! Happy healing.

  3. Paul Marfell Says:

    Postings to my Achilles tendon rupture forum became few and far between. I therefore felt that it was no longer providing current information - medical practice moves on - so I decided not to continue with it when I revamped the family part of the site.

    What I will say now from my own experience is that if you are being managed conservatively then make a note if you slip and inadvertently knock or hurt your tendon. Mention it to your physio and depending on the type of accident and your stage of recovery take it into account when considering the next step. ;-)

  4. normofthenorth Says:

    @Paul Marfell: Thanks for responding. I recall a number of still-useful discussions on your site, maybe especially that survey of how your poster/visitors re-ruptured their ATRs. Me, I’ve always been a packrat (physically and digitally), and now that we can buy a TERAbyte of Hard Drive for ~$50, I am REALLY slow to delete anything! ;-)

    If that survey is still lurking on a backup disk somewhere, maybe you could post it here, or put it online somewhere and share a link here?

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