My Journey Back to Two Shoes

First Week in Shoes

purple-tennis-shoes As I get ready for bed my thoughts are on the successful navigation of my world in two shoes this week. It didn’t begin so well. I forgot to put the heel lift in my shoe and by the end of day on Tuesday, I had a pronounced limp and my foot was in tremendous pain with lots of swelling. I had physical therapy that second day and my physical therapist said she could tell I didn’t have the heel lift in. Suffice it to say she gave me an earful about my mistake….

By the time I got home on Tuesday all I could think about was laying down with my ice pack. By Wednesday, I had a revelation of the importance of my heel lift. My foot has had very little pain the remainder of the week. Yea!!

I had a better appointment on Thursday this week with my physical therapist. She spent a lot of time with me adding new exercises focused on simulated walking and lots of stretching. I had the opportunity to walk on the treadmill this week, use a leg press for both feet and for my injured foot. I am committed to working hard during my physical therapy appointments and walking better and better going forward.

I am learning that despite my impatience at the beginning of this process, slow is better in the recovery process. Taking my time is better than pushing myself to pain. And using wisdom is critical to ensure I don’t have an injury. Overall, at 8 weeks post-op I feel good.  I am very glad I did the surgery and I am committed to getting stronger.

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  1. Hillie Says:

    Hi Darlene

    For excruciating relief (doesn’t sound good does it?) try contrast bathing - it is very cold, and might hurt for a few seconds but it works great.


  2. mcdarling Says:

    I don’t like to be cold. Excruciating relief doesn’t sound pleasant. Especially if it requires me to be cold. I bundle up like an Eskimo to do my ice pack every night. Thanks!

  3. Hillie Says:

    Oh Darlene, wasn’t it you who went for a month without treatment for your ATR? And now you describe your discomfort, swelling, pain even, and dismiss a 10-20 minute remedy.

    Oddly enough you do use an ice pack - warmer ice? I am guessing that you didn’t watch the video in order to see the lady following this quick and easy process. Nobody said that it was pleasant but I am sure that your pain hasn’t been either.

    Good to see that you are having some physical therapy. Won’t be long before you catch up with others who ruptured at the same time.

    Happy healing!

  4. crutchesintx Says:

    I think Darlene has passed people who ruptured at the same time as her. Walking in two shoes, driving, etc. I am a week behind her and I don’t go into two shoes for another 4 weeks.

  5. Hillie Says:

    I certainly wasn’t doubting how well Darlene has done considering the long spell, 5 weeks, between actual rupture and start of treatment. 8 or less weeks from actual treatment to 2 shoes is pretty quick.

  6. mcdarling Says:

    Hey Hillie! Guilty as charged! I waited 4 weeks before going to any form of a doctor. I wasn’t in excruciating pain during those 4 weeks. You lost me with ‘excruciating’. I can take a lot but if I can choose between excruciating pain and discomfort, I choose discomfort , my blankets and my ice pack. Thanks for the video! Blessings!

  7. Scott Says:

    I was in two shoes at 8 weeks & running at 12. McD - you’re doing great but now is the time to be really really careful. Stay strong and work harder tomorrow than you did today.

    Blessings: Scott (aka: Skutr)

  8. normofthenorth Says:

    Wisdom is good, pain is bad, agreed. The funny thing about that all-important heel wedge is that many of the most successful protocols don’t use a heel wedge in 2 shoes, so the scientific jury is still out, AFAICS. One would expect the first week in 2 shoes to be one of significant improvement as the days went on, regardless of the wedge. Anyway, what you’re doing sounds good and seems to be working. Stay wise and pain-free (but not “slow”!), and good luck and good healing!

  9. Darlene Says:

    Thanks for stopping by! I am doing well! I believe the power of prayer has made a difference in my healing process!

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