My Journey Back to Two Shoes

Crutches Kicked to the Curb

So I showed up for my post-op appointment with the Ortho surgeon. Of course I confessed my driving excursion to him before he could ask me how I have been behaving. He was speechless….he was actually upset with me. Think of it! He proceeded to tell me that he is quite good at what he does (he is an award winning doctor), and that I should trust his judgment and allow him to release me rather than doing things on my own.

no-more-crutches From there he proceeded to manipulate my foot, pushing and creating resistance for me to ensure my tendon was strong enough to handle the breaks and accelerator in my van. I passed all his test. He adjusted my boot and told me to get rid of the crutches. He said I was ready for FWB in the boot and go to two shoes on October 1st. That was great news. He also said my physical therapy would intensify next week. I should be walking with two shoes by the October 1st date.

Walking without my crutches today has been a wearying proposition. I am happy to be off the crutches and driving but now my physical body has to catch up. I look forward to getting into the gym over the next several weeks. This Achilles journey has been very interesting. Despite my doctor’s displeasure with me today, I am convinced that prayer and positive thinking, will move you successfully through this journey. I look forward to the intensity increasing next week. Happy healing!

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