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6 Weeks Post-Op: I’m Driving!

6-weeks-post-op I had a very interesting day today. First and foremost, I am  celebrating 6 weeks post-op and I feel great! Yea! I am very happy to be working. I feel stronger this week then I did last week. The pace I "run" at, on a normal basis with two feet is challenging with crutches, but I have been able to handle most things that I do since I went back to work.

I arrived for ┬ámy physical therapy appointment today and the receptionist said I didn’t have an appointment. Apparently the scheduler, scheduled me for next Wednesday rather then today. Once they realized it was there mistake they did everything to attempt to solve it. After 30 minutes of their confusion, I was ready to leave, when they found a therapist who could work with me.

She spent a lot of time pushing against my foot amd having me push back. My foot felt great. And as I lay on the table pressing and pushing and stretching my foot I was convinced I could drive today. I am really not sure where the confidence came from, but the more she worked with my foot the more convinced I was that driving was in my near future. Then I asked my spiritual father what he thought. I told him I want to drive - he said, "go for it"! That was enough for me….

When I got home I told my daughter I was was driving back to the church tonight and she said okay. More confidence…she was not afraid. At 6:15 I crutched out to my van and got in the drivers seat! I took my boot off, put my tennis shoe on my injured foot, started the engine and off I went. Not even one concern! Yippee!!! It felt great to drive and be on my own. Happy 6 weeks….

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2 Responses to “6 Weeks Post-Op: I’m Driving!”

  1. crutchesintx Says:

    Congratulations! What a great feeling. I can’t even imaging trying to drive right now. My foot is still pretty much just stagnant in my boot. Hopefully I won’t be far behind for driving.

  2. mcdarling Says:

    In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine driving before this week. If you had asked me last week, I would have thought you were crazy, but I just knew I could do it this week. From the beginning of the week…it was just in me, I knew it was time. I almost changed my mind given the comments on my previous post concerning driving. But after my appointment I was going to at least try. I am VERY glad I did. Thanks cruchesintx! I appreciate all the support I can get.

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