My Journey Back to Two Shoes

Yippee! 50% PWB!

I have been waiting all night to get to my computer just to sit down and write this post. I went to my second physical therapy appointment this afternoon! Before the end of my appointment my therapist was adjusting my boot and telling me that I would be going to 50% PWB! I was actually shocked. I wasn’t expecting that for two more weeks! Absolutely the power of prayer!

purple-balloons Let me slow down and document my appointment today. When I arrived for my appointment, my therapist tells me that I am going to ride a stationary bicycle for 8 minutes. It turned into a 10 minute ride and I hit one mile. That was a pleasant surprise and I did it without the boot and with no pain. From there my therapist began to stretch me out with therabands and a towel. I enjoyed the stretching. My tendon has felt like a tight mass under the skin. Tonight is feels quite pliable, still tight but definitely looser.

After the stretching she had me put my boot back on and stand on a step and a scale. She began to teach me how to distribute my weight and to understand what 50% PWB would feel like. Immediately after that exercise, she teaches me how to walk with my boot. It was a bit awkward at first but I got the hang of it.

Of course they always save the best for last - I got a massage. She told me it wasn’t going to be like the massage you get from a spa. She told me ahead of time it would hurt. She started very gentle, and I thought, "this is not too bad…but within 10 minutes I was on the verge of letting out a  bit of a yelp when she finally stopped…THANK GOD! Lastly, she iced my foot - sweet bliss…

I am officially done with the wheelchair. I actually got rid of it earlier this week, but I am really done with it today. I have updated my profile to PWB and I will be exactly 5 weeks post-op tomorrow! This was a significant milestone in my Achilles journey back to two feet!

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6 Responses to “Yippee! 50% PWB!”

  1. emmq Says:

    YEAH! Well done McDarling - congrats! How good does it feel to make these little steps forward…?? :-)

  2. Hala Says:

    Sounds fab! It’s so exciting when you do new things - quite a high!!

  3. crutchesintx Says:

    aweseome news McDarling. I hope I am not too far behind you!

  4. oldlady Says:

    great news! Getting rid of the wheel chair and next the crutches is a big milestone. Keep Healthy!

  5. daves Says:

    Good stuff!! And 50% PWB means FWB is just around the corner…

  6. Darlene Says:

    Thank you for all the well wishes. Today was a great day. I am very excited to have progress. I a focused on not pushing myself and just taking my time. I actually took a shower today for the first time. That was awesome. I was able to stand, not move a lot and get in and out of the shower without too much difficulty. Every bit of progress is worth celebrating! Blessings to all of you!

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