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4 Weeks Post - Op - Healing…

4 Weeks Post - Op - Healing... I am home for the weekend. I plan to rest for the majority of the day today. I am at 4 weeks and 3 days post-op. My foot has been throbbing and sharp pains have taken my breath away daily over this last week. What’s up with the sharp pains? They are in my incision, inside…I don’t ever have any idea they are coming until they hit me. Anyone else have pains like this? I am tempted to start on the Tylenol again…
Things are going fairly well in my life. I get up and go work daily. I am teaching again, so I sit to teach rather than stand. I sit in my office all day (without my leg elevated). I need to work on getting my leg elevated to help alleviate the swelling I fight every night. I have included a picture I took on my 4 week post-op anniversary a few days ago. I was too sleepy to post it then. I plan to continue to take pictures of my wound as it heals. I have been playing the piano and keyboard a little - both with my boot on. I learned a new way to walk with my crutches from my PT on Thursday.
It has helped to take the pressure off my hands and make it so I am "walking" with my crutches rather than swinging my heavy boot. I still get tired with the crutches but I have kicked the wheelchair to the curb unless I really need it, which is maybe once a day - at the end of the day.
One thought to share - The slow progress this surgery seems to require forces me to rely on a lot of people to function from day to day. I realize I took my feet for granted. As a result I injured myself and I am relegated to "humility". I have to ask for assistance with food, daily, every meal because I can’t cook or drive yet.  In order to get to a meeting someone has to come and help me so that all of my stuff gets to the meeting, along with my body. Just needing to go to the store or get my nails done has been a challenge because I have to rely on other people.
"Thank you" doesn’t seem to cover the wealth of gratitude I feel towards those who love me and have cared for me over the last month. "Thank you" is a powerful word. I absolutely need to ensure I say it often (and I do), but it seems like there is more I can do for the ones who have extended themselves to ensure I am right where I am suppose to be. "Thank you" - to those of you in this community who freely share your life so that newbies like me can get through the hard days! Blessings!
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  1. crutchesintx Says:

    I am right behind you in the timeline. 4 weeks post op on Wednesday. On one random day I did have those sharp pains in my incision area. But they went away. But they lasted for about a day. Now the only sharp pain is when I stress the area.

    I agree that we rely on so many people now to do day to day activities. My wife has been working her butt off to keep the family functioning. My coworkers have even awesome also.

  2. mcdarling Says:

    Hey Crutch! We are exactly one week apart. Maybe I am doing too much. Usually the sharp pains are at night as I am traveling home from work. I am resting today and I am still working on modifying what I do so that I don’t do more than I should. Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  3. daves Says:

    Appreciate your reminder that most of us have had people who took care of us, put up with us, and generally picked up the slack for us during our time of dependency. I think I owe my wife and kids more thanks than they’ve received so far. Think I’ll take ‘em out to dinner tonight.

    Hope you can get your pain under control.

  4. crutchesintx Says:

    I wouldn’t say you are doing too much. I also went back to work two weeks later. Luckily I work at a desk all day. I am able to prop my leg up on my desk during the day which helps a lot. It felt so good to go back to work.

    This is really the first weekend where I feel like I need to be up and moving doing stuff instead of just laying around. But I know to still take it easy. But it’s hard as you want to be normal or do normal things.

  5. mcdarling Says:

    Hey Daves! Definitely take your family to dinner! Good stuff!

  6. ali Says:

    Hey, I got my first achilles injury (some years ago) jumping up and down during a Christian convention. This time round I am part of the worship team so had to step down, I wasn’t able to stand up to sing. Grateful for everything I can do now - I can dance until the early hours with no problems. Happy healing to you.

  7. Darlene Says:

    Thank you Ali!

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