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Confession is Good For the Soul

Today marks 4 weeks post-op! I had the privilege of going back to work two weeks ago.  Tonight I am home and exhausted from my first week of school. It has been an eventful two weeks since returning to work and I have to admit that I wonder if I went back to soon.. I’m not sure, but I am in the "frying pan" so I have to go forward. My foot is healing nicely according to the physical therapist.

Yesterday I went to my first physical therapy appointment….I took my boot off and tried to walk with out it prior to going to my appointment. I was using my crutches and I was definitely moving slow…in the end I put my boot back on and sat back down in my wheelchair. I believe that God can heal this injury. That is why I took my boot off. I was walking by faith and praying and trusting that God would touch my foot. It didn’t happen and I confessed to my physical therapist. She was not happy with me.

I am okay with her dissatisfaction however I know I have to use wisdom concerning the healing of my tendon. So I am committed to not taking my boot off again unless they tell me it is okay. I want my foot back. All in due season…I know, but waiting the months it will take to get full use of my foot seems like a long way away…and I am weary in the waiting.

My first physical therapy appointment was  a bit of a disappointment. All she did was measure my foot and test it. I understand beginning with a baseline, but we didn’t do much together. She says it will be weeks before she will actually manipulate the foot and challenge me with exercises that will help me walk again. It still needs to heal. I did come home with new stuff. I got my first compression sock and a theraband for doing minor exercises with over the next week.

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  1. Paula Glodowski Says:

    Please do not take your boot off yet….the road is long, but you will get there! I am 14 weeks post op and am struggling a bit right now too. My motivation is waning and I want to walk normally again. However, looking backwards I have come too far and WILL not set myself up to re-rupture. I am progressing fast, and need to look at the glass half-full. You too!!!

  2. mcdarling Says:

    Hey Paula! I will definitely listen. Thank you for the reminder. I definitely don’t want to re-rupture. Thank you!

  3. ryanb Says:

    I’m going to offer a counter perspective… I say: take your boot off all the time. Keep that joint moving. Use that theraband. Start waking up that calf muscle. If you’re parked on the sofa watching TV- take the boot off and do a few thousand reps against very light resistance.

    Just don’t try to do any weight bearing without your boot quite yet ;-) And, it’s not yet time to push the dorsi-flexion limit.

  4. ryanb Says:

    Oh- and if you’ve got to get up and crutch around, put the boot back on. It would be terrible to slip, fall, smack your unprotected foot on the ground, and un-do all the great progress made to date.

  5. hoody711 Says:

    As a current healer after re-rupture, I say don’t take your boot off. Two people I knew with ruptures gave me only one piece of advice after I ruptured originally. “Don’t rush the rehab process.” Guess what I did? I rushed it. Guess what happened? Re-rupture. Listen to your PT and orthopedist about what to do and what not to do. You may be able to move your ankle and foot around fine, but stretching the scar tissue out this close post-op can lead to tendon loosening. These are the words of my orthopedist, which he told me today. Do NOT rush your rehab. How would you feel if you ruptured again and 4 weeks were completely wasted? Keep that in mind.

  6. ryanb Says:

    I think we’re all actually saying the same thing ;-) The PT did give you a theraband to work with; obviously, you can’t use it with the boot on, so they are expecting you to take it off. I’m saying- keep those exercises up; do a lot of them- but stay with light resistance at this point.

    Hoody, myself, and your PT also all agree: don’t try to walk and/or weight-bear without the boot yet. Though, at 4 weeks out from surgery, starting PT, you might not be too terribly far away from that step.

  7. Darlene Says:

    Hi Ryan & Hoody! Thank you both for stopping by. Yes, the Theraband exercise require me to take the boot off to exercise the tendon. And YES I absolutely don’t want to re-rupture, so wearing the boot is my portion right now. It is early in my rehab and listening is better than rushing and getting hurt again. I am struggling with the slow healing process, but I would rather be healthy than having to begin this process again. Thank you both! I apologize for my delayed response. I am back to work and I am busy. I have to look for time to get on the blog and connect with this great community! Blessings to both of you!

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