Steel toe shoes with a soft cast question

Trying to get back to work after being placed in a walking boot. One item HR is hitting me up on is having to wear steel toe shoes as a requirement of the job. Has anyone modified a walking boot to allow this? I was thinking of cutting out the liner around [...]

Three week update

Went in for my three week check up.  I received another fiberglass cast with a smaller rubber wedge under my heel.  I am led to believe next week will be another cast with no wedge.  If all goes well, I’ll be in a walking boot around the five week point.  The incision appears to be healing [...]

First Post

Here for the obvious reason, ATR on left side.  Injury happened while pushing a wheeled air conditioning unit.  Never really had any problems or indications that I had issues with my AT till it popped.  Since I work in South Korea, I had the experience of getting the surgery done in a Korean hospital.  Compared to [...]