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Dec 19 2008

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Just short of 9 Months…Update

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Man, I sure haven’t been here in awhile.  I guess that since I have been pretty much back to normal, I haven’t thought of these days lately.  I made it back!!!  About a month ago, I started to play basketball again, which is how I began this journey in the first place.  I was extremely nervous the first night I played.  I don’t wear a brace because my surgeon said there really isn’t anything that will help.  I just make sure that I stretch out real good and warm up with some jogging before hand.  I have gotten myself in very good shape since this whole journey began.  I am very dedicated to the gym and the treadmill.  Anyways, basketball went very well and I have been playing once a week for about a month now.  It feels great, because I really enjoy playing.  I just wanted to say to everyone..Keep your chin up, it won’t be long and you will be back to normal. 

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