3-month anniversary & questions

Three months ago today the doc confirmed what I already knew–my left achilles was in two. I was tired from a long tennis practice, and I got wrongfooted when my partner hit a short ball and I ended up putting all my weight on the outside (pinky toe area) of my left foot, which I think did me in. Like a bungy cord snapping. Two days later I had surgery.
In general I feel like my recovery has gone pretty well, with the the normal ups and downs. Here is my timeline.
  • Month 1: No walking. Surgery & cast. What worked for me: knee scooter is way better than crutches; also no beer to keep weight down.
  • Month 2: Walking with boot. Mild PT (yellow band & 2-leg toe raises). What worked for me: long boot walks, lots of icing, and gym for general leg/core work.
  • Month 3: Walking w/o boot. Started full PT (which is great). What worked for me: biking, walks, icing, at-home PT exercises everyday.
  • Month 4: we will see

  1. Exercises: Anyone have some favorite exercises at this point? Two weeks ago it was lunges, which I felt really helped build strength/balance/cardio. This past week it has been toe walks, which was tough at first but I am slowly seeing some progress. Hoping my PT guy will authorize jumping rope soon.
  2. Mobility: How do you get the full range of motion back and when does this occur? I understand things are going to be tight in the calf-stretch direction, but why am I still limited in the toe-point direction? I guess it’s from all the scar tissue back there? Did anyone do massage/ultrasound/something else outside of their PT to help break down this scar tissue?