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April 17, 2008

Vacation retrun 1st official post op Visit

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First I just want to say taking a vaction a week after surgery cetainly is not ideal but it turned out very well and as most of you I figured a way to manage and have fun.  Couple tips-  Call airline get a disability seat.  If  they dont comply like the agent I called… (NWA) they release all seat exactly 24hrs prior to departure. So  on line I made the change.  Got a seat with extra leg room it helped a ton. Wheel chair for sure at airport.  Save your strenght for later.  I actually brought the cushion they gave me after surgery a foam sq. with a cut out for my leg to use for elevation.  Works great in a pool chair.  Even though I resisted (pride) I ended getting a wheel chair for our room…If you end up far from elevator it works great.  I actually used it like a walk about…put crutches on the arms…my knee in chair facing the back of chair….peddled with my good leg.   Its a little slippery and I spun out a little but never felt like I would fall.  You will have to deal with telling your story 100 times (we were at All Inc resort) but after a few beverages it went from BBall to Cage Fighting to have some fun>  Lots of you guys gave great advice to go even though it was only week it was right on.

My 2 week visit was today and went form a cast to the boot with 3 wedges.  I  need to be extremly careful as this is being a little aggressive for the next couple weeks.  I can do some very very light PWB and slightly increase each week.  I have another visit in 3 weeks hoping to get closer to FWB.   Doc said if I am very careful golf with caution is ok when FWB is aproved.  I already paid for league so I may hit some balls at this point just to get out.  He gave me a lot of time today as I questioned why the timelines and techniques vary so much.  His research said many doctors find success getting more aggressive….problem is many paitents like most of us want to get better so fast  we push  the envelope too much when given early freedom which causes setbacks or reinjury.  So now they tend to be more cautious “safe then sorry”.    So I plan to be very careful and go slow but summer makes it tough.  Any way two weeks down.


  1. judging by this group…my guess ithe docs are right that patients push the envelope. Glad the vacation went well.

    Comment by johnskier — April 17, 2008 @ 10:37 pm

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  3. I read somewhere that you were walking on crutches in the sand. I’m going to the beach in a few weeks…I didn’t think sand crutching would even work. Could you really get around in the sand? I wasn’t sure I was even going to attempt going to the beach. Where we stay there is like oh about 20 stairs…now, that would be a sight…tumbling down all of them…or even going down on my butt…getting splinters all the way. Let me know any sand crutching tips you have…may just stay at the pool. :)

    Comment by kristinatl — April 30, 2008 @ 7:18 pm

  4. Kristin-

    I would be more worried about the stairs then I would the sand. The crutches will sink a little and it is at least 1.5 times harder then solid ground but I actually did ok. I am in a boot and would rest with both feet on ground (Resting on heel of boot). Once I got to the hard sand it was easier. I did not go far but enough to get a beach flavor. Its better if someone has a spot with a chair set for you…you need to have a target as your base (halfway to water depending on beach size). Do a little trial in a small area. The more I did it the more comfortable I got and further I went from base.

    Comment by mbargo — April 30, 2008 @ 7:48 pm

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