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April 7, 2009

Hard to believe it….seems like only yesterday…maybe not

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Well….   It was a about 1 year ago today I wrote my  blog.  I was pretty bummed out…mad…spring was just kicking in and I just pulled out the pain pump cord from my leg.   Buddies were golfing and my 10th anversary trip to Mexico was in a week.  So many questions with so many different answers so many doubts will I ever do this or that again.    The advice helped…I only moaped around another day or two went on the trip with cast and wheel chair and as dennis put it I then started my marathon run to recovery.

When I read posts if you were 20 weeks it seemed like you were a year ahead of me.  Now I seldom write but still check in.   It is a long road but it goes by so much faster the more you do and more you get back involved.   I never stopped going places.   I crutched on the beach…played golf with my boot on, swam, worked out and went to dinners, sporting events and parties.

I can do a one legged calf raise now!   I am playing some basketabll. I shaved two strikes from my handicap because  I know the injurt helped me slow my swing down.  I went skiing last week and while I do think about my tendon I feel pretty darn good about it.  There is not much I would not do.   If I run or bike my wind gives out before my leg.   I really seemed to reach a plateau after 6 months  I could do most things but that damn one legged raise seemed impossible.    But when I really thought I was about where I was going to end up these last couple of months have really been great.  

I am actually sprinting.  Problobly run about 5.5 40 yard dash….   but heck  I dont think I ever broke 5.0 anyway.  It is just a hard to describ but all of sudden I really feel strong in my leg.   I am doing calf exercises and still see my injured leg is a shade smaller but maybe 5-7%….  but I am sure they will be even soon.  Plus my scar and tendon  look pretty good but too be honest I hardly care.  The joy of doing all activities again trumps all.

Its almost seems crazy to say the year went by fast but it did.   Point of my blog is…. stay after it work out when you can…dont turn stuff down because of your injury it may surprise you how people go out of their way to help (and some who don’t).  But whatever you loved to do before you got hurt you can do it again I think just knowing that helps.     Thanks Dennis words dont describ the help the site brought.

June 19, 2008

dress shoes show no mercy

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It will be 11 weeks tomorrow and for the most part things have been going very well.  Cant say enough how the PT and massage helps.  Doing alot of heal raises., planks and balancing on one leg.   ROM is great just cant seem to do a heal raise with bad leg only.  I send down the orders but its like nobody listens.  in tennis shoes I can walk quite a bit with no issue…I am even shooting a few standing hoops in the driveway to get the feel.  Riding a bike on flat ground is not a problem.   My biggest problem is $%#@ dress shoes.

I had a three day sales meeting out of town this week…we went old school and were suited up for each day.  730 - 530 meetings and breakouts.   530-8pm team dinner… then 8pm on war stories at the lobby bar and local sports pub. I need a week break from people asking me what happened and why am I limping.  But the swelling I would get each day was bad. Nothing like normal.  It seems dress shoes and dress socks just dont cut it for long periods.   I would ice my leg under the table during the day to try and help and I would fall asleep  with ice bag at night but still had a tree trunk every day.   

Got home and in one day  back to normal since I have not worn a dress shoe….    I guess I have no choice but to go to grandpa shoes when I have suit up.   

Planning on my first round of golf Monday with no Boot……so another milestone.

May 21, 2008

Golf and more golf

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Well I couldn’t help it I had to go on the annual golf outing in Northern Michigan.   I was right on 6 weeks post op when I left.   18 holes the first day worked out ok.    I made sure I drove close to the ball….gave up and dropped out of most bunkers or trouble spots (I played a few but it took too much out of me).  A post round of cards and too many beers to count led to day 2….. 36 holes.   I made about 23 then the fatigue really stared to set in so I stopped ….drove the cart enjoyed a few more beers and team jager bomb.

Day 3 was another 36 I knew in the morning if a played 18 that would be a miracle.  Basically I played about every other hole for 18 and called it good.   My good leg was worn out as was my whole body!   But all in all I made it and glad I went.    The next day I had some  pretty big swelling….I iced it went to bed a 8pm and woke up pretty good.  But I am not sure I have ever been as tired as I was that night.

Now that the weekend is gone I think I gave my good leg alot of work.  Today it feels so much bigger and stronger than my bad leg.  My rear end also feels the difference.

I am getting much more comfortable touching and putting cream on my scar.  For some reason I just did not want to touch it.  I kept feeling something a hard.  So I got in good light to investagate.  I found that I has a suture poking out.  I could pull it a little with tweezers but could not pull it all the way out.   I found out it was part of a dissolvable suture… doesn’t hurt anything other than it will only dissolve if wet.

So per instruction of a friend in the field….I pulled it with tweezers as far as I could and snipped it.  Low and behold it worked…..    I was feeling so cool I did it I snuck on a pair of shoes and walked around the bedroom  WOW!…   Not suppose to do that for a few more days but could not help it….PT starts next Wed.   My how time flies (well not really but I think you all know what I mean).

May 8, 2008

5 Weeks Post op

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Its really amazing how far you get in 5 weeks.  I went back and read my first blog 3 days out of surgery.   Actually I could have read most anybodys because they are all so similar….bummed out feeling sorry for myself…why me…..  I had two trips planned in the next 4  weeks wondered if I could even go.  I got the welcome replies..thanks Dennis, Doc Ross,johnskier….  First I was shocked anyone even read it or understood.  But it really helped my attitiude change and change fast.  Then the learning began.

 Well now I am FWB with no more wedges in my boot…..yes no more $%#@ wedges it makes FWB soo much better.  I actually played 18 careful holes of golf Monday and shot pretty good,  I was a little liberal with the cart extremely careful but it worked out. I will be playing every monday in my league.  I gave my scar and tendon some lotion and a little massage for the first time.  I am still learning to get comfortable touching the area too much/hard.  Over the next 2 weeks I will start some in house walking with no boot and plan to be in the now famous “2shoes for me club”  starting week 7.

 Two free hands clubs at least for now.  I certainly look at things different and can’t wait for next trip wth no boot.  Not planned yet but lots of ideas…

 Anyway weather is getting good in Michigan and this injury is not stopping me from enjoying it.   I actually shot a couple baskets in the driveway……careful now!

April 17, 2008

Vacation retrun 1st official post op Visit

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First I just want to say taking a vaction a week after surgery cetainly is not ideal but it turned out very well and as most of you I figured a way to manage and have fun.  Couple tips-  Call airline get a disability seat.  If  they dont comply like the agent I called… (NWA) they release all seat exactly 24hrs prior to departure. So  on line I made the change.  Got a seat with extra leg room it helped a ton. Wheel chair for sure at airport.  Save your strenght for later.  I actually brought the cushion they gave me after surgery a foam sq. with a cut out for my leg to use for elevation.  Works great in a pool chair.  Even though I resisted (pride) I ended getting a wheel chair for our room…If you end up far from elevator it works great.  I actually used it like a walk about…put crutches on the arms…my knee in chair facing the back of chair….peddled with my good leg.   Its a little slippery and I spun out a little but never felt like I would fall.  You will have to deal with telling your story 100 times (we were at All Inc resort) but after a few beverages it went from BBall to Cage Fighting to have some fun>  Lots of you guys gave great advice to go even though it was only week it was right on.

My 2 week visit was today and went form a cast to the boot with 3 wedges.  I  need to be extremly careful as this is being a little aggressive for the next couple weeks.  I can do some very very light PWB and slightly increase each week.  I have another visit in 3 weeks hoping to get closer to FWB.   Doc said if I am very careful golf with caution is ok when FWB is aproved.  I already paid for league so I may hit some balls at this point just to get out.  He gave me a lot of time today as I questioned why the timelines and techniques vary so much.  His research said many doctors find success getting more aggressive….problem is many paitents like most of us want to get better so fast  we push  the envelope too much when given early freedom which causes setbacks or reinjury.  So now they tend to be more cautious “safe then sorry”.    So I plan to be very careful and go slow but summer makes it tough.  Any way two weeks down.

April 7, 2008

April 7th 3rd day post op

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Just pulled the pain pump cord out of my leg and tossed it in the trash.  I guess thats progress.  I am still mad this happened.   I pride my self in staying in shape and being active…. then running down the basketball court pow!  Just like the articles say.

 Any way thanks to the founder of this it has been refreshing to read real stories.  Of course I have high hopes to get back at it asap but as I read reality checks in.  3 days down who really knows how many to go.  Anyway keep writing there is always new techniques to help.  My goal is to learn and get back doing what I love as fast as I…..well as fast and safely as I can.   Thats being active.   Anyway not sure if this makes me feel better or not but anything I can learn or share will only help.   I read a lot today thanks to all of you keep going and sharing. 

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