Rerupture at 10 weeks conservative treatment

Well folks I’m back to square one as tendon reruptured after 10 weeks conservative treatment

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  1. So sorry to hear this. How did it happen? Are you considering a surgical approach now?

  2. So sorry to hear. Hoping you have a lot of support for not only your leg but your spirits. Wishing you the best.

  3. I feel so bad for you, this what we all fear. I wish you a good recovery. Is surgery an option for you this time ?

  4. Hi there, it happened just walking from the toilet. I was walking without crutches or boot within the house and thought everything was on track so was gutted when it just snapped and the pain was very intese, worse than my original injury. However I’ve now had a surgical repair and after a week in a cast I’m now in a boot with wedges but non weight bearing so am struggling with the crutches again. They put me in a boot so I can go on holiday next Monday for two weeks and am flying and so couldn’t go in a pot. I’m a bit down as I have been looking forward to this holiday all year and I know its going to be very limited due to my current mobility problem. However trying to keep my spirits up that at least I can rest it in the sunshine ☺ it is more painful too due to the surgery I guess but am just going this time it will not reruptured as easily.
    I would not others to go through this again so be careful folks I think I thought I was on the mend and so maybe we pushing myself bit hard. This time I’m going to be more cautious!!

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