Four weeks and counting

Well its been four weeks since my AT injury and I’m still walking about in my CAM boot and crutches. It has got easier although I am stuck in my house unless my partner is at home to drive me places.  I live in the countryside and am surrounded by hills so walking about on my crutches is hard work and buses are few and far between so Im very limited where I can go although I did manage a stroll round the local summer festival at the weekend when my partner could drive me into the village.

I have been advised I can walk around the house with one crutch  and in reality I have been walking without a crutch but only  short distances as I don’t want to put strain on it.

My progress- Ive been taking the wedges from my boots as instructed by the hospital surgeon and am currently walking with only one wedge. The final one to be removed in a couple of days then a two week wait for my next hospital appointment when I will have news if the tendon is healing.

Since taking the wedges out I’ve had a sore heal and my calf muscle has been a little bit achy but not really anything unbearable so I’m hoping I wont be needing surgery.

I do feel I am putting on weight as boredom has set in and so I’m eating more than I should and being as my mobility is limited I’m not burning it off so any advice in this area would be gratefully received.

I will update this blog when I’ve been to the hospital and have a better idea what happens next. I’m hoping for the boot to come off but we’ll see.

All the best to fellow sufferers

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  1. You can try YouTube. You can type “sitting workouts” into the search box there and you’ll find lots of videos to do that burn energy while sitting down. All my best to you.

  2. Thanks Donna I will do.
    I have a power plate that I use but was reluctant to stand on that while wearing my boot as I thought the vibrations may affect the healing process so I’ve bought a vibropower belt so I can still work on toning my bum and tum without it affecting my leg :)
    All the best to you

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