Progress and issues since rerupture

Hi all I hope everyone is progressing well. I’ve not wrote on here for a while so thought I’d give an update.

My first rupture happened on 20th June while ‘drunk’ dancing. Followed conservtive treatment, I was informed this was the protocol my NHS hospital followed. I was put in a cast, toe pointed down for 2 days then after seeing OS put straight into a CAM boot with 4 wedges, FWB.

After 4 weeks in my boot I was informed I could take out each wedge at intervals over a 2 week period.

Week 6 I commenced physiotherapy but my therapist said to take it slowly just point and flexing my toes and rotating ankle in and out. Out of the boot at night, yaay ☺

Week 8 commenced walking in two shoes with crutches within the house and had progressed to managing without crutches in the house.

Week 10 Reruptured AT, back in cast for 2 days till OS appointment,  OS decided if the ultrasound showed a rerupture surgery would be done the following day. The Thompson test was done and there was some movement so the ultrasound was done, a 4 cm gap was found so surgery to repair was done, 3 days after the injury.

In plaster cast for just over a week NWB and using the dreaded crutches then into a Aircast boot. This was agreed as I was flying 10 days after the surgery so they put me into a boot with 4 wedges NWB for 4 weeks. I went on holiday with a wheelchair which had its constraints but at least I got on holiday!

Week 5 post op at hospital appointment informed I should have been PWB for the last week but no-one had told me, 1 wedge taken out and FWB for a week,

Week 6, returned back to be informed another wedge out and over the next 2 weeks remove wedges after 5 days till walking flat in the boot.

Week 8 start physiotherapy again. The plan over the next 10 days, out of the boot at night. Ankle movements, pointing and flexing etc and walking without boot in the house using crutches as much as I can.

My next appointment with the therapist is this Friday.

I’ve been walking around the house very slowly and am terrified of it rerupuring. I nearly cried when I was told to wean myself out of the boot which I have come to regard as my best friend.

I am still getting a pulling feeling across the calf and pain on the top of my foot. I also get a burning sensation on my heel as I walk so will discuss this with the PT on Friday. Does anyone else suffer with this type of pain?

My scars are healing really well, I had to be cut from my ankle up and another cut in my calf- to attach it to the calf muscle was what one of the doctors informed me.

Following surgery I had to inject myself for 42 days with heparin which was another skill this injury had made me acquire! I’m glad that’s over now as I had bruises all over my stomach.

I have been off work for over 4 months and am fed up of being housebound as I live in a hilly part of the country and can’t drive so getting about is limited. My partner has been good but I think he’s fed up of it all now and I can detect him getting impatient with me at times. This really is a very long journey we are on but reading the other bloggers on here makes me realise I’m not alone and makes it more bearable.

All the best to you all

Rerupture at 10 weeks conservative treatment

Well folks I’m back to square one as tendon reruptured after 10 weeks conservative treatment

8 weeks and healing nicely

After visiting the hospital to assess my progress I was informed my rupture is healing and I don’t need surgery, that’s good news and can commence physiotherapy. The non surgical approach seems to be working for me

The physio seemed reluctant for me to be doing physiotherapy being as I had only injured myself 6 weeks ago so had to check this out with the doctor who stated I was ok to start but he told me to be very careful as there is a high chance of re-rupture due to non surgical approach, great I thought  and listened to him tell me how to do the ankle mobilising exercises. My ankle is very stiff and although I could point my toe, flexing was rather uncomfortable and I was scared to stretch it too far for fear of it rupturing again! The physio said to take it gently for the first week and to keep wearing my boot for another week.

The next appointment was made for the following week when the physio said we would stand without the boot!!! Oh my am I really ready to stand without my boot? :/

The next appointment I attended with intrepidation but it wasn’t too bad and I stood and walked without my boot, I felt I was making progress. Again I was told to take it steady, only to walk out of the boot in the house, with shoes on and using the crutches!

So this is where I currently am walking around the house without a boot and it doesn’t feel too bad. My calf looks very puny and Im desperate to do some exercise but am listening to the advice of the professionals and am taking it slowly. Im sure I’ll be able to build up my muscle when I start to do more walking.

Next physio session booked so will keep you posted how that goes.

Good luck to other fellow sufferers

Four weeks and counting

Well its been four weeks since my AT injury and I’m still walking about in my CAM boot and crutches. It has got easier although I am stuck in my house unless my partner is at home to drive me places.  I live in the countryside and am surrounded by hills so walking about on my crutches is hard work and buses are few and far between so Im very limited where I can go although I did manage a stroll round the local summer festival at the weekend when my partner could drive me into the village.

I have been advised I can walk around the house with one crutch  and in reality I have been walking without a crutch but only  short distances as I don’t want to put strain on it.

My progress- Ive been taking the wedges from my boots as instructed by the hospital surgeon and am currently walking with only one wedge. The final one to be removed in a couple of days then a two week wait for my next hospital appointment when I will have news if the tendon is healing.

Since taking the wedges out I’ve had a sore heal and my calf muscle has been a little bit achy but not really anything unbearable so I’m hoping I wont be needing surgery.

I do feel I am putting on weight as boredom has set in and so I’m eating more than I should and being as my mobility is limited I’m not burning it off so any advice in this area would be gratefully received.

I will update this blog when I’ve been to the hospital and have a better idea what happens next. I’m hoping for the boot to come off but we’ll see.

All the best to fellow sufferers

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