Slight hiccup….

Ok, so just when you think things are improving……you find yourself in hospital with pulmonary emboli from an undetected deep vein thrombosis in your calf on account of your immobility.  Not the best few days of my life but I was discharged on Monday and am kept busy with needles, tablets, blood tests……

Anyhow, I have finally got my initial appointment for physio, this coming Friday morning.  I can’t wait to be assessed and see where I’m at!  I have to say that the few days I spent lying on a hospital bed constantly rotating my foot and also flexing and pointing it do seem to have helped alot!  My foot is more or less the same size as the normal one with just a bit of swelling around my ankle bone and I have a much better range of movement in it.  I hardly wore my boot in hospital and have noticed since coming home that if I wear it for any length of time my foot and leg are swollen when I take it off and I’m in much more pain.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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  1. Maz42: I am not sure how far along you are or if this is even possible but when I started having more pain after wearing the boot than when my foot was out of the boot, that was when I knew it was time to ditch the boot. That happened with all 3 of my surgeries. I figured it was my body’s way of saying it didn’t need the immobolization anymore. That began a period of having to sit a little more too. I didn’t feel like I could keep wearing the boot (because it hurt) but I didn’t have the strength in my leg or tendon to do very much without the support of the boot. Does that make any sense?

    About a month ago another poster on this blog brilliantly mentioned that besides the first initial days after surgery, month 3 was the most painful for him. I too had this exact experience. I think it is because that is when you can start to do things out of the boot or cast but you don’t have the strength to do much.
    Sorry to hear of your DVT and I am glad you are okay.

  2. I also noticed some discomfort when wearing the boot all day. My foot and ankle would look very weird because of the pressure of the straps and the swelling increasing throughout the day. I was a definte relief to get it off at the end of the day. I rarely wore it at night at home except when doing stairs. How tight are you wearing the boot? I never wore mine very tight and had a snug fit at the most. Was just looking to protect the tendon not completely immobilize it. Hope this helps.

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