Ok, here we go…

Just signed up and hoping to chart my recovery progress! I’ve not used WordPress before so bear with me while I get to grips with it!

So, I partially tore my Achilles tendon during a badminton match on Friday, 27th February. They initially thought in A & E that evening that I had tore it completely but it transpired to only be a partial tear so no surgery required. I was in a plaster cast, toe pointed, until last Friday. I had been told I would be in plaster for 6 to 8 weeks and would be replastered regularly, the foot position being gradually moved until foot was flexed. However, when I was examined last Friday it was decided my progress was so good that I wouldn’t be replastered and I was put into a surgical boot instead. I was told to wear the boot at all times except to sleep, given a letter for my local physiotherapy department and dispatched on my way. I could face a six week wait for physio. I’m not happy about it and am determined to do all I can to make progress off my own back if I have to and started my search online which led me here! So, that’s where I’m at right now!

2 Responses to “Ok, here we go…”

  1. Best of luck to you!!

  2. I have a partial tear, was in a boot for 6 weeks starting December 1, came out of the boot for the month of Feb., and put back in one in March. I feel as though there is no end to this.

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