Slight hiccup….

Ok, so just when you think things are improving……you find yourself in hospital with pulmonary emboli from an undetected deep vein thrombosis in your calf on account of your immobility.  Not the best few days of my life but I was discharged on Monday and am kept busy with needles, tablets, blood tests……

Anyhow, I have finally got my initial appointment for physio, this coming Friday morning.  I can’t wait to be assessed and see where I’m at!  I have to say that the few days I spent lying on a hospital bed constantly rotating my foot and also flexing and pointing it do seem to have helped alot!  My foot is more or less the same size as the normal one with just a bit of swelling around my ankle bone and I have a much better range of movement in it.  I hardly wore my boot in hospital and have noticed since coming home that if I wear it for any length of time my foot and leg are swollen when I take it off and I’m in much more pain.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Ok, here we go…

Just signed up and hoping to chart my recovery progress! I’ve not used WordPress before so bear with me while I get to grips with it!

So, I partially tore my Achilles tendon during a badminton match on Friday, 27th February. They initially thought in A & E that evening that I had tore it completely but it transpired to only be a partial tear so no surgery required. I was in a plaster cast, toe pointed, until last Friday. I had been told I would be in plaster for 6 to 8 weeks and would be replastered regularly, the foot position being gradually moved until foot was flexed. However, when I was examined last Friday it was decided my progress was so good that I wouldn’t be replastered and I was put into a surgical boot instead. I was told to wear the boot at all times except to sleep, given a letter for my local physiotherapy department and dispatched on my way. I could face a six week wait for physio. I’m not happy about it and am determined to do all I can to make progress off my own back if I have to and started my search online which led me here! So, that’s where I’m at right now!

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