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I had achilles tendon surgery 9/18/2009, tendon was torn in 3 places.  Then in Jan. 2010 I had bone spur surgery on same foot.  When the Dr. started surgery he said the tendon was calcified, so he had to repair that first and then take some of the bone away to repair the bone spur.  To this date I still have pain in my foot.

The Dr. talked  about taking a vial of my blood, putting it in a centrifuge, and then putting it in my heel.  Has anyone ever heard of this?  I know I am not making this very clear, but will write details later if I get a response.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on.


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  1. Yes, I had 3 such injections for my recent (and second) ATR. My docs called it PRP, for Platelet-Rich Plasma, and it also goes by another name (which I forget now). It costs a bundle (mine were Cdn$400 each), it’s often used for elite athletes and increasingly for others (who usually have to pay for it), and it has NOT yet been shown to help in AT rehab in the biggest scientific studies that have been done to date.

    We’ve had people on this site who’ve had it and done well (including me) and others who’ve had it and done badly. None of this is scientific evidence. A very recent study comparing PRP injections with saline injections for AT tendinosis (not ATRuptures) found no statistically significant difference in outcomes.

    My very fancy sports-med surgeon (who recommended the PRP to me) wasn’t impressed with that study, partly because he said the “control” wasn’t really a control, because saline injections are a TREATMENT, not a CONTROL, because they are known to help(!). (But I doubt that I would have been charged $1200 for 3 injections of salt water, even if it came straight from the Ocean. . .)

    It might help, and it’s probably very unlikely to hurt — except that it kind of hurts! I.e., most people find it painful, and some people find it excruciating. A fairly big needle pumps a pretty big volume of liquid into the injured part of the back of your shin — what’s not to hurt?

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