I have reached the 7.5week mark and I only saw my specialist 2 hours ago.
He has now advised me the boot is now safe to come off and I am able to walk in shoes.
I will need to wear shoes with a nice sole to help the achilles and also do some exercises to assist.
Very exciting but scary at the same time because I do feel very safe in the boot but I need to trust the healing process and progress in my recovery.

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  1. I think of my boot as a cumbersome smelly security blanket. I like that I don’t have to worry about my Achilles while it’s on but you can’t get strength back until it’s off. I’ll be getting my boot off soon and will have to remind myself to be very gentle with it for a while.

  2. Congrats! This stage is so exciting, as you really start to see gains! I highly recommend getting to a pool if you haven’t already - great for practicing good walking form and starting calf raises with the buoyancy.

  3. Wear your boot to the pool edge though… you have be so careful not to slip!

  4. I’ll definitely be wearing my boot a lot over the next month as I am leaving for a holiday to South America tomorrow.
    Being able to walk over the past couple of days is a brand new learning experience and the ankle is so tight right now.
    The muscles looked to have stiffened over this 8 week healing process so over the past couple of days I have been loosening them up.

    Thanks for the great advice on swimming.
    I may have to give my friend a call and tell him “I need your pool ASAP!!!” haha

  5. Congrats mattypicks on your boot coming off and transitioning to shoes. Good idea though to wear your boot while on your holiday. Have a great and safe holidays in South America.

  6. It’s most definitely one of the ignored applications by myself which I really feel ridiculous for not trying sooner this in just a few steps and will be delighting.

  7. Hope things are going well. Did you start PT yet?

  8. Got back from South America last week so been trying to keep up with everything.
    My foot was so swollen everyday over there but happy to say I made it through the trip unscathed.
    I am very healthy and feeling great.
    I have my first proper physio session this Thursday so hope everything will go well.

  9. Good idea though to wear your boot while on your holiday. Have a great and safe holidays in South America.

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