Upper calf pain

I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this but numbing pain in the calf when I stand up from sitting or laying down.
I’m currently at 6 weeks since the injury occurred.
I had this pain for the first couple of weeks but then it went away, but I got a massage last Wednesday and the pain has come back since.
Any ideas?

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  1. It seems odd. I also had that pain for the first few weeks with both ATRs, but not at that later stage. Have you had some swelling since the massage?

  2. I took the boot off yesterday and my mum pointed out there was definitely swelling in the upper calf so I rubbed in some muscle cream and elevated the leg.
    It feels a little bit better today so hopefully the swelling has gone down.
    I’m going back to the physio tonight so I will tell him not to touch the calf because it is still so tender.

  3. My upper calf was also sore from the degeneration. After I lost about 70% of the muscle, virtually any use aches. I also had muscle aches on the outer side of my calf and in the muscle running along my shin.

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