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StitchColumbus, OH-The words I wanted to hear from my therapist today, bring your other shoe Thursday and we can start working with it now. Everything is progressing nicely and I am very happy that I am ahead of schedule. I put a heel insert that the doctor gave me and put it under my running shoes sole and that has helped alot with TRYING to off set the gait in my stride.  Two shoes start on July 7th, but PT wants me to be good and ready. I did some leg work today to strengthen my thighs, hamstrings and glutes. I have gotten the green light from work to resume my duties for August 7th, 13 weeks from when the fun began. I believe that I will be ready, careful ,but ready! I have no choice really. 


*In the the blurry picture above you can see the stitch that is sticking out from the original surgery. I had staples to close the wound but a stitch from fixing the AT is sticking out, just simply instructed to carefully cut it down, so don’t get excited if for some reason this happens to you. As my friends from England say “Good Day”

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  1. 1 walshie June 18, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    Matts slow down! You are racing by me…your protocol seems much more aggressive than mine. I am jealous of the fact that you have started PT and that you get to try 2 shoes Thurs…damn.

    Can I tell you how sick I am of this boot?!?

    I was reading your discussion w doc ross and bought that brace you were talking about and also the compression sock that doc mentioned. Have you any pain in the boot? Like in the heel? Mine really acts up late in the day, then when I ice it it really is tender. Oh well. I tried gel insoles and 2 socks but not much improvement.

    …oh and now my other AT is starting to hurt too! Went to the gym and stretched it out good and that calmed it down but geeez, when it rains it pours.

  2. 2 matts June 18, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Walshie-Thanks, the PT really helps and I have only been going two times a week and very passive stuff until tomorrow. Just remember, we both get our 2 shoes around the same time (after July 4th weekend, right?) Its going to be like being let out of prison but only for an hour then led back to my cell after that. DARN!
    I have no pain in my heel at all and no swelling, thats because I don’t have to work and get to sit down ALOT and sleep ALOT. Try the heel lift the doctor gave you and put it under your shoes sole. Thats what I did (Wasn’t sure if that was what you meant by trying the insoles) I am sure that the swelling and discomfort is from being up all day. I really lucked out, because I can rest almost all day.
    I figure that the achilles tendon support can only help and not hurt the tendon in the early going, like the first six months back from the injury. I will put it on when I have some training for mental support too. The Doc has good information so I think we can’t go wrong by listening to him, but everybody here has good information too. Ankle Brace, compression socks are great too..Tell Bo I said “Hi”

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