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9 Month Mark-Update

Columbus, OH-Well everything is progressing nicely in my achilles rupture recovery. I am able to run with out much pain but still have that tight feeling all the time. I stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch but still tight. I have even started that P90x workout that requires some jumping around that is going well, but I still don’t get real crazy with all those jumps sometimes in the workout. I have been still favoring my leg just a little during my runs which I have almost completely corrected but not quite yet. There is a very different feeling in my leg, not any pain just a different feeling(It is just not the same anymore)..I hope that one day it will be back to normal but who knows. This injury has taught me patience and to everyone out there, don’t get frustrated..This thing takes a long, long, long time to heal. Go Bucks, Hey Walshie, sorry to hear about your BC boy Jags…