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Almost 7 Months-Back To Normal!

Columbus, OH-It has been almost seven months since all of this fun has started. I finally have the confidence that my achilles will not re-rupture and although it is not 100% back to normal, I am for the most part, normal again..Whew! I am able to run, squat, one legged calf raise and the pretty much everything else. I still have a little lump back there but I guess it is normal because there is no pain. When the Ohio weather is very cold, it reminds me that my achilles is still tight..I have not been as religious with my exercises like I have been in the past month, because I have been sick with the flu/cold and working alot. The treadmill is my friend now and I cant wait until it warms up again so I can run, bike and enjoy the warm weather, which I missed out this last summer..I have been pretty much been MIA, but I enjoy reading some of the other peoples post/fears/surgery/scars, etc. I was just there not so long ago. To the recent people with tears, keep your head up, it will heal, your life will move on and everyday healing takes place. You just are going to have to adjust your life for 6 months and that is the way it is..This takes along time to heal and no shortcuts with this race..I look forward to May 8th of next year to finish this race..Keep your heads up high and whatever you do..Don’t rush this thing!!!!!