6 Month Mark…

Columbus,OH-I reached some major milestones at the sixth month mark, I can FINALLY do a one legged raise on my bad calf..I started to do some running as well, 2 minutes on/ 2 minutes off..It feels really funny at first but it gets better. I just feel like I am landing on it wrong sometimes..No limp at all, even after running a bit..I am a retired softball/basketball player now. I am going to stick to biking/running/swimming from now on. Sorry it took me so long to post again, I have been staying busy, busy!! Hope all is well in AT land..My Achilles feels about 75% healed, I look forward to running again someday and not having to worry about this darn thing..

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  1. 1 tennisjunkie October 30, 2008 at 5:42 am

    Great progress! I hope to start running in a few weeks. I think I could do it now, but sticking to the bike and elliptical. No limp - that is great. I sort of limp when tired or just lazy. Did you start running on the treadmill or on real surfaces? I was thinking of the treadmill…softer,more predictable, to start with.

    No more basketball/baseball? Hmmm, wonder if you will feel differently in a year. But I can understand that, once is enough.

    Just think - in another 6 months we may forget about this entirely. I think the next 6 months will be alot more fun than the previous 6.

  2. 2 walshie November 4, 2008 at 5:28 am

    I’m coming to Columbus to rip-off an old lady’s purse and see if you can track me down…it’ll be “hop-along” chasing “the gimp!”

    Great news Matty, I’m around 75-80 percent too…just in time for a long cold winter, right? I wonder how stiff the AT is going to feel then.

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