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5 Month Check-up

Columbus,OH-It has been awhile for me posting any update, so here it goes. My achilles tendon is doing fantastic. It is still tight in the morning and needs to be stretched daily. I have started to jog on the treadmill, and what a strange feeling at first. I have upped my mileage to two miles every other day. I started jogging with one minute jogging and one minute walking and worked my way up..Go SLOW at first. My calf is still way smaller then my other one. I lift legs twice a week now instead of just once like before. I have zero limp when I walk and other then the just weakness of not having built up my muscle on the calf, it feels great other then that. Barely able to get off the floor with a one-legged calf raise, but getting better everyday. It takes a long time to heal, so be prepared for ever bit of a year before your tendon is 100% again..My tendon feels like maybe 80-85% healed right now and most days, I feel 100%..