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Week 15-The Cornhole Champ has returned!

Columbus, OH-After taking it easy, walking on the treadmill and doing the elliptical and bike, it was time for my fantasy football draft weekend. After alot of trash talking form my buddies, calling me ‘The Gimp’ and smart jokes about me snapping my other achilles tendon if I played ping pong, I was called out for a little cornhole. Well to make a long story short “the gimp” worked over his able healthy two achilles tendon friends. So I had to represent all of my fellow bloggers out there laid up and elevating there legs all over the world, that in just a few short months you will be back to normal, having a few beers with the guys or girls and back to normalcy…..


The Real Day 94-Progress Update(13 1/2 weeks)

Columbus, OH-I posted an update a few weeks back saying that it was Day 94, but after taking my time and doing some re-counting, I was wrong and today is Day 94. In the first few months I had the exact number of how many days post-op like the back of my hand. I guess that means I have been getting better. Here is the update for the real Day 94..if you care..haha

I have made fantastic gains after hitting my plateau the last few weeks. The limp has all but disappeared from my walk and I have to say that it happened over night. One day I still felt that tightening up back there and literally it went away. I went back to work this week for the first time since April 30th and everything has been running smoothly(Except me that is…haha, not that funny, moving on then) and have been able to work 22 hours of overtime this week alone. No major problems at work. I have to tell you that it is great to have a pain free, limp free, somewhat fast walk now. I still cant do a single legged calf-raise yet although I thought I was close I must be wrong, because there is nothing doing yet in that department. I have been cleared by the doctor to start running but I am going to continue the bike riding and elliptical for a couple of months still. I do not have the need or desire to start running this early in the game. I have been able to maintain a comfortable weight and I think my body deserves a break from the daily grind I put on it that last 12 years of non-stop working out. I have been doing the stretches, ROM and biking almost everyday but I have taken a break from the bike and leg press since Tuesday and that is when my foot started giving me no problems at all, although I have done the ROM and stretches religiously. The AT still is tight in the morning, still not close to 100%, but at 13 1/2 weeks. I feel that my biggest change has happened from week 12-13 1/2..Thanks¬†

The stages, NWB,PWB,FWB,2-Shoes with limp, 2-Shoes without limp, walk-jogging, slow jogging, jogging without pain, out-of-shape jogging, then back to normal jogging. I look forward to the next stage..