Week 12-Finally Back to work on August 5th(Injury May 1st)

Columbus, OH-Week 12 is here and progress is a slow grind for awhile. I am almost able to do a one-leg calf raise and I have my final PT session on Wednesday where I test out on all my exercises and have been cleared by the doctor to return to work on Monday, August 5th. I walk up and down the stairs with no problem, ride the bike everyday and do two-legged calf raises, I also lift up with both calves and let myself down with the bad one, which is a great exercise. My leg feels good but stregth and stamina are still lacking. I also do one-legged leg presses, calf raises on the leg press, and leg extensions. I try to workout my legs 3 times a week and I have been back in the gym for the second week now working on my other core strength(Upper Body). I still do stretches also but I have incorporated lunges into my arsenal of leg building exercises. Up until about Week 10 is probably the hardest but now it is all gravy. Good Luck to everyone and have a safe, speedy recovery..Too much to fast is not the way to go! 

3 Responses to “Week 12-Finally Back to work on August 5th(Injury May 1st)”

  1. 1 kkdub July 28, 2008 at 11:56 am

    Hey you oldies! Keep these posts coming. I mark the milestones in my calendar so I know when I can run, or do one legged leg presses etc. This helps us newbies. So by my calendar I will be able to do what you do by Sept 19. (ugh!) Thanks for the post.

  2. 2 walshie July 28, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Nice Matty!

    I’m not as far along as you, I can only do double standing calf raises, not single. I’ve been working 6 days a week, lots of hours so I just barely get to PT and the gym 3x’s a week…I’d stay away from leg extensions, they tear up your knee something fierce. When I was with Oakland they didnt even have that machine in camp, its no good. They liked hack-squats and safety-squats for leg strength, and lots of plyometrics…they were big on that stuff. Those done correctly will keep your legs good and strong and keep the stress off your knees.

    …and could you please post a pic of your therapist w every entry? Is that asking too much??

  3. 3 matts July 29, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    kkdub-No problem, I will keep with the posts as much as possible. It is nice to compare your progress with others.

    Walshie-Thanks for the info on the leg extensions, I will banish them from workouts. I like hack-squats as well. I am working on some more pics of us this weekend just for you my brother. I really lucked into this one or was unlucky or whatever. I still need to order a t-shirt, that will be my next order of buisness. I also started the body for life diet on Sunday until October 19th. I am going to see how much weight I can lose and how much muscle I can gain. Wish me luck..