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6 Weeks, 2 Days

Columbus, OH-I had my 4th PT session this Thursday and I walked around in my regular shoes for the first time and it felt GREAT! I warmed up on the bike as usual and then put on two shoes and walked back and forth with just a little help from one crutch which I barely used.  Instructions from the PT were to start walking an hour or two at home in a “safe” enviornment. With the help of heel insert in the back of my shoe underneath the sole, I then did some leg strength work, balance on my bad ankle and were able to perform squats as well.  ROM is almost as good as the other foot already.  There is no limping at all when I was walking with two shoes which surprised me. You can feel that tightness in your AT when you stride but no pain, just tightness which is starting to go away ever so slightly everyday.  I still am very careful and slow moving in the boot and will be extra careful when in two shoes. Just trying to strengthen my surrounding muscles for tendon support. Oh Yeah, I bought a new pair of New Balance running shoes so I will have as much cushion and support as I need.  To everyone that is new to the site, good luck, everyday gets better!


Pics Day 39-Still Healing

Das BootScarWeek 4-5 Pics

Here are some pictures of my scar still healing on the bottom portion. I took these pictures a couple days ago and they seem to be healing very well. I also took a picture of the huge boot ala Dennis’ Pic.  Thanks Marianne for the tip on how to post!


Day 37, 3rd PT…..Celebrate good times, come on

Columbus, OH-”Celebrate good times come on” That song is coming to mind after I put down the crutches after 5 weeks Post-Op.  I am very happy to be able to walk and as Erie stated before “AMAZED” how quickly FWB has come. It was all mental to me, my therapist told me that the boot would not allow the tendon to rupture again and that it was safe for me to put my FULL weight on it. Life is great except for this gait (haha I was poet and I didnt know it, anyways…..) I put  a sole insert into my gym shoe and there was no dice. My ”good” achilles was feeling it so I quickly pulled it out and now I am walking around in a work boot to try and off set the gait. What have other people done to off set the gait during the boot stage as far as insoles or heel lifts? Any good suggestions also going from the boot stage to the 2-shoe stage as far as insoles or heel lifts? Thanks…Oh Yeah, I know someone asked how to post pictures and I can’t figure it out,I took some pictures of my achilles as I have a very different cut then all of you, I just was going to post it so everyone could see…Thanks, Matt..     


Leap of Faith-Day 34

Columbus, OH-I had a dream last night that I was running a sprint and in my dream I reached down to feel if my achilles tendon was still there. Even In my dream, I still realized that my achilles was injured..shucks!! Day 34 and my second PT appointment and it was a great day. ROM was significantly better with no swelling and I got to ride the bike today without the boot and that was a great feeling. My therapist said that I was way ahead of schedule and was surprised by my doctors aggressive protocol that seems to be working well. She stated that they usually do not have someone come in and start PT until week 6-9.  If you think that I happy, you are right, I am very happy. For the first time today I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am happy to see it. I am on pace for two shoes for July 7th and hopefully back to work by Labor Day.  Taking my first steps FWB was an uplifiting experience and I liken it to Indiana Jones movie in which he had to make a leap of faith. He knew that there was a walkway to the other side of a cave but he didnt see it. He just closed his eyes and knew that it would be there. I was nervous to take that first step but I had faith in my ankle and  my doctor that nothing bad would happen and guess what, nothing bad did happen. Today was a Good Day and I know that we have many down ones, but I was pretty happy for not even being five weeks yet.  A la Doctor Ross, my therapist stated that this injury is like a marathon and I need to take it slow. I laughed to myself and I told her “That I thought I heard that somewhere else too” haha..Happy Healing to all my bloggin buds..-Matt