11 Weeks

So I’ve been in my Aircast boot for 3 weeks now and making progress. I can now walk on it unadded without the crutches.  I can’t wait till I can walk and run normally. Will I be able to run normally? I’m really starting to miss being active and take part in sports. Also can’t wait to drive.

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Day before cast comes off

I only went and fell over in Tesco’s today. Landed and put wait on my leg(the one in the cast). It hurt hopefully I haven’t done to much damage and it won’t effect my Achilles recovery. Not sure what will happen tommorow. Hope it all goes well.

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4 Weeks later

Cast is cut open near the toe area to see if my Achilles is starting to mend. This is tested by them asking me to lift my foot up now the cast is cut open. Seems a pretty primative test. Luckily i can move it pain free so this is a good sign. Next appoinment is in 4 weeks time and this will be when the cast comes off….:-)

Toe box is cut off and looks like this


2 weeks later the stupid stand

2 weeks later I have a appointment at the hospital fracture clinic again. This time it’s to add a stupid stand to the bottom of my cast. Why i need this was not really explained and seems daft considering I’m meant to be non weight bearing. The explaniation i was given it will help me balance if i’m on my feet a long time. This dosen’t seem very non weight bearing????

Check out my stand


Next Day

Next day I had to go and see a consultant at the Fracture clinic at Ipswich hospital in suffolk. Here the cast that the A+E guy had put on me was removed and the consultant confirmed the diagnosis of a full Achilles tendon rupture. I was told that they would treat me with the conservative treatment as surgery was not a option first time around. He told me I would be in a cast for the next 8 weeks.

Now on crutches and with my foot in a cast and have been told to keep my leg elavated as much as possible for 8 weeks. I was also signed off from work for this duration as there is no way that i can work whilst the leg is elevated. Let the boredom commence.


Achilles Tendon rupture

Playing football for my local team I’ve managed to rupture my Achilles tendon.

I had warmed up and this happend just before half time. It felt like someone had swung a baseball bat at the back of my leg and it made a loud pop/crack noise. This was heard by most of the players and spectators. I was quite worried and was pretty sure i had snapped my Achilles tendon. I went up to A+E asap. Sadly because it was busy i didn’t get seen till 3 hours later and was put in a cast straight away.