Posted by: matthew | January 1, 2010


I am almost 1 year post-op. (47 weeks to be exact) I have noticed over the last month my heel seems to get numb and tingly. Has anyone else encountered this?


Can it be nerves?

If this is something that is happening on a regular basis and not just after you do one specific thing, like interval training at a track, I think you should contact your regular doctor, not your orthopedic surgeon. He may refer you to a neurologist.

So to mari’s comment, yes it could very well be nerves, literally.

I get this, at about 12 weeks but at a year it could be just an individual response, what triggers it? Would orthotics help?

Hi Mathew,

I have had this on my right heel (I have ruptured both achilles) but it has been there since the operation, doctor and physio says that the nerves have been damaged from that.
Although its numb with no feeling I felt a lot of pressure there and the tingly feeling that you mention when I was on my feet alot, I think you tend to put more pressure on the heel as the muscles have wasted slightly and are not strong enough to lift you into a balanced foot position, hope this helps?

At 11 weeks post-immobilization (no surgery), when I slide the heel on my “bad” foot over the carpet in our bedroom, it feels like I’m sliding a piece of paper around, except there’s nothing there. Gradually, the “piece of paper” is getting thinner, but it’s not gone yet. Weird!

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