Posted by: matthew | March 29, 2009

one small drive for Man; one Giant leap for Matthew

well, here we go.  On Friday my PT told me that things were progressing better than she expected.  She worked the heck out of the tendon and had me do a toe raise 50/50 weight on both legs.   That my friends was SCARY!! But I did it and the tendon is still in one piece.  I asked her if that moved any timelines up (driving in 4 weeks 2 shoes in 12) and she told me to take the boot off and drive around the block this weekend.  I have been afraid to do so but i think I have mustered the nerve and am going to go out this morning and drive around the block.  wish me luck!


Nice work on your progress! How was the drive?

the drive was awesome!!! the tendon felt good, i could brake with my right foot (something i haven’t done in over 10 weeks) and an egg mcmuffin has never tasted so good!!

Hi guys

I am so pleased that you are both driving. You have got me thinking about it……….

Are you both driving automatics? Most cars in the UK are manual (including mine) so driving seems like a few weeks away for me yet.

I am going to my 3rd physio session later today, so I will let you know how I get on. I have been walking around the house with no boot on and will try 2 shoes outside on Thursday. (That’s 8 weeks post op)

bye for now


robby: yes i have an automatic, but it is the right leg that is injured. I am taking another drive today to the safeway (grocery store) to pick p a few things with my yougest daughter. This wil be interesting, but i figure i need to re-adjust back into society. Good luck with the two shoes. I think i am still a few weeks away from that.

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