Posted by: matthew | March 18, 2009

first PT session

ok this will be short and sweet whereas I know I wont update this weekend because of the basketball tourney (I have Memphis, NC, MSU and Xavier in the final 4 and Siena, Utah St. and Western Kentucky are my upset specials in case you’re wondering)  Anyhow short and sweet because I am exhausted and want to go to sleep.  So, 1st session went like this. I did a laser treatment (anyone else heard of this?) then I was tested for ROM and measured.  My ROM seemed pretty good, I wish i remembered the exact numbers but my bad leg seemed to only be a few degrees shy of the good one.  My Therapist..Side bar here if you don’t to read skip to the end of the paragraph.  ok, every time I write therapist I frickin’ laugh.  Do you remember the Sat. night live with celebrity jeopardy and Sean Connery took the category therapist but pronounced it The Rapists.  “I’ll take the rapists for 100 please Alex.”  it gets me every time. 

Ok back to business.  The therapist (giggle) was pretty impressed with my ROM but was concerned about the atrophy, i am 4.25 cm smaller in the right calf then left.  but hey there’s nothing I could really have done about that.  So we did the laser, then  I got an ultrasound treatment, then we talked timetables and goals.  Here was the best part of the appt and the worst.  I set the goal of driving in 2 weeks, golf and 2 shoes in 6-8 and playing hockey for the fall session in the beginning of September.   I was pretty spot on with the Sept. goal (that’ll be about 7 months post-op) but driving is about 4 weeks out (that makes it 10 weeks post-op) 2 shoes and golf is pretty right on about 12 weeks post op or in 6-8 weeks.  But she did warn me that the boot might be on for another 12 weeks.   I told her realistically my goal is that in 46 weeks I want to be at the point to where i have the capability of doing everything I could do the morning of 1-16-09.  Not that I am going to play football/tennis/racquetball.  I just want the option to be able to.  her response was yeah that is totally with-in sight.  as long as you understand you will always have that increased risk of re-rupture.

At least it is good to have some time tables and goals set.  My doc was always hesitant to set any sort of time table with me. 

So we finished with some “light massage”  DAMN that hurt.  she broke up some scar tissue and then decided to feel around the stitches IN the tendon not the incision but the ones inside my leg.  OMG that made things sore and I am still sore.  then we iced the leg and I was free to go.  Total time in the office 2 hours.  That made for a long 14 hour day. 

so I am back Monday and next Friday.  She gave me some resistant band exercises to do at home once a day and bid me farewell.  All in all a good session I don’t like how everything is baby steps.  But I (we) need to take those baby steps to get back to the point where it all leads up to leg squats with 75 pounds on my shoulders.

here’s to good healing and a good night I am out!


Golf 12 weeks post-op - that sounds like a great target that I’m going to borrow.
Also, nice sidebar! I just saw the episode where Burt Reynolds changes his name to Turd Ferguson. Juvenile, but funny.

Sounds like you guys have a good plan going!! I’ve been driving using my left leg (have an automatic) since 1 week post-op. Took some getting used to, but now is like second nature.

Oh, and I’m a Siena graduate, so I like your upset specials… but really, is a 9 seed over an 8 an upset? :)

new leaf I have Siena going to the great 8 so when they knock off Louisville, that pick will be looking real good. I also have western Kentucky going to the sweet 16. BTW did you see that Pitt almost lost? good game. I tried to drive with the boot on before surgery but there is no where for me to put my right leg to give the left access tot he pedals. i m really bummed about that.
Schmeck. I have plans to stay at a resort near my hometown in mid-july. so i better be ready and rearing to go by then. Plus i dont plan on walking the 18 especially in 110 degree weather in AZ. so that’ll mak it easier.

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