Posted by: matthew | March 2, 2009

guess who gets to change his status to PWB?

That’s right friends me.  I had a very encouraging visit to to the doc today.  We removed the cast.  He felt around the tendon, did some ROM stuff and said simply “awesome” so…I got the Darth Vader boot and I am cleared to bear 25 pounds on the leg and slowly move that weight up over the next two weeks to almost FWB .  Then I start PT.  My next visit to the doc isn’t for another month.  I have to treat the boot like a cast he wants me wearing it almost 24/7 i can remove for showers (still can’t stand up in the shower) and getting dressed etc.  But other than that the boot is on.

So what was today like after I got the news?  I haven’t put one pound of weight on it.  I am scared ****less.  I rested the leg on the ground more at work today, i crutched around the house more today, even pretended to walk but really haven’t bore much weight.  The doc told me I don’t HAVE to wear it at night, but its on.     

I am really afraid to do anything.  Here’s where i need your help.  How have you all gone from NWB to PWB to FWB?  it sounds easy, just put weight on it. How do you get over that first step? how do you know what too much weight feel like? If I am not staring PT for 2 more weeks, who can guide me through going from zero to FWB on this leg.  suggestions welcome

Other than that not much else in going on in my life.  I think this will be the last week that i work part time, i am going to try a full on 40 hour work week next week.  I will miss that day off in the middle of the week, and probably wont get to the playoffs in NHL ‘09 for a while now.  Oh and an old girlfriend from grade school found me on Facebook. I got a kick out seeing that she has like 5 kids what a trip!  (I only have 2, looks like I got some catching up to do)

Again friends I enjoy reading all your comments and posts on this website good luck and here’s to a safe recovery for all!


Hi Matthew.

So pleased to know you have got the boot. is it like mine?

My 4 wks post op is on Thursday. I, like you am feeling exactly the same about pwb.
Not sure how the doc is going to react to me as he wanted me in cast for 6 weeks.

To be honest, I am not sure if I can listen to him anymore. I see him as an accountant and not a doctor. Maybe I will take my recovery into my own hands and follow all the fantastic advice on this site.

I am on facebook as well. Maybe we could chat sometime?

matthew: When I started, I used the crutches to walk and I kept laying (no pressure) the foot/boot down on the floor to make it “look” like I was walking. I did this for my brain, hip, and knee to get the motion down again. Doing this also starts to work the muscles that go down in the calf. I wanted to get things fired up internally before I used the leg for weight bearing. Gradually, I started allowing more weight to go onto the leg but I always had the crutches there for support. This all happened for me over about 4/5 days. When I did start walking full weight bearing, I walked like a penguin or Frankenfoot because I was using the repaired leg more to “pivot” off of rather than walk. Gradually as strength returns, you will start rolling more up on your toes for a regular walking motion. I have heard of the Frankenfoot walking stage lasting for a few months before. For me, it only lasted about 4 weeks. I have tried to be really careful about how much time I spend walking with an abnormal gait. (Frankenfoot or penquin walk) Anytime your gait is altered you run the risk of injuring other parts of your legs or back. That is one reason why I LOVE the work a physical therapist does. They usually keep you from hurting yourself. I know mine did. At first I clinged to my crutches or roll-a-bout. After a while they became combersome and I felt weighed down by them and not aided by them. You’ll get that way too. Oh and one more thing. My time line for ditching the crutches was longer than some and shorther than others. Don’t base your timing off of anybody elses. You know your foot. You’ll know when you are ready for those trusted friends to collect dust in the basement again.

Congrats on the status change. I’m jealous!

Smish pretty much nailed it! :)

I had no boot, but I just laid it down nice and easy, using your crutches as necessary and gradually less and less. Congrats and good luck!

Congrats on your progess and the boot!!(heavy breathing darth vader style) I was neveryous as all get up my first few steps. You’ll get over it. take it slow.

thanks for the tips folks i am up to about 60-70 pounds of pressure before i feel anything in the ankle. I did notice and let me know if this is not normal, that the heel really hurts as i start to bear weight. And the ankle and foot is sore. I am assuming that since i havent used it properly in about 6 (4 of those NWB) weeks that is normal.

Hey Matthew, yes–heel pain is pretty normal. You inherently favor the AT by not pushing off on your toes and end up with a lot pof pressure on the heel. Mine used to ache a lot when I first started weight bearing. It gets gradually better; mine at 15 weeks is pretty much past that.

This is more of a tip for post boot (I never had one): I was told by my PT to walk as normal as possible, concentrating on the straight forward motion of walking and the roll of your foot. You end up walking sloooooww but it is better. Make sure not to point your toes to the side either, as despite making it easier to walk it is actually detrimental to your recovery.

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