Posted by: matthew | February 19, 2009

two weeks and about an hour ago i crutched home

well literally my wife drove me home form the hospital but I crutched into the house.  The time between i hurt myself and getting the surgery I scoured the Internet and this site to see what i could expect during the first few weeks after surgery.  I found a lot of experiences from our club members (that’s what i call us) first, second, third etc doctors visits but not a lot of here’s what life was like.   So here’s what my first two weeks after surgery was like.  Standard disclaimers: my past events are not indicative of anyone else’s future events.  I cannot guarantee the same experiences,  member FDIC. (that last one’s a joke)

I had the surgery on a Thursday night the procedure started about 430 i was out about 545 600 I came home a little after 900pm .  the first night was OK, not a lot of pain until i woke up at 630 and was sore.  Nothing unbearable; popped a few percocet and all was better.  For the first 3-5 days the most pain i was in was when I dropped the leg from elevated to a downward position.  the blood rushed to the end of the leg and that was rather painful for a few minutes.    the pain really went away after a few days.  I still take a ‘cet once in a while usually before bed so i can try to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I also take one or two when my cast is bothering me so i don’t care about it as much.

I took Thursday-Tuesday off work. I have a desk job at a bank so its not psychically demanding.  Not being able to elevate the leg above my heart did take its toll and I had to leave work early on Friday.  Same thing this week, i took Wednesday off to rest and elevate that seemed to help a ton.  I will probably do the same next week. 

During my time off i stayed on the couch and in bed watched lots of movies caught up on my TV shows and advanced pretty far in my NHL 09 season on the PS3.  Same thing at night i get home from work, set up camp on the couch and i am there until bedtime.

after my first visit i got out of a splint and into a cast.  That was Monday it is Thursday and i hate the cast.  i can’t move at all i get some panic attacks almost like a claustrophobia and i have do something to try to take my mind of it.  I am thinking of calling the doctor to see if there is an alternative (any ideas would be welcome) right now this is the hardest part but that’s only a few times a day and it only seems to happen at night.  hopefully next week will fly by

now that i write all this down i can see why no one really blogs about it.  it is rather boring if i didn’t already invest about 45 minutes into this i would probably trash it.  But maybe it will help someone in the future


Matthew, misery loves company. Somehow the posts of people with a similar injury date mean more than the older posts to me, so thanks for the post. If I had a PS3 instead of a PS2 I’d suggest an NHL 09 challenge! (The Leafs won the Cup a couple nights ago - now starting the next season of the dynasty). Picked up a Resident Evil box set today to “kill” some more hours.
I hate my cast too, but either the padding inside is compressing or my leg is shrinking already, so I can move my foot around and there’s a bit of room at the top of my calf so the claustrophobia feelings haven’t been too bad. The 2nd evening was the worst for me.
Good luck and hang in there.

Hey Matthew, I’m totally with you on hating the cast. The first several days were the worst for me. I think I am starting to get more used to it now (day 8) but it’s still uncomfortable every day. I too keep it elevated when sitting and working. I have the luxury of working from home which is way more comfortable than at the office. I just keep reading about those getting back to normal and know there is hope for us. I just started watching the HBO mini series John Adams and it’s really good and I am not a history buff at all but it’s a great reminder of how our country was founded and it’s long so more segments to look forward too. I don’t have any PS2 or 3 or wii so going a bit stir crazy in the house. One day at a time!

Hey Matthew, no post is trash…we’re all in this together, so get your thoughts down on the blog - if nothing else, it’s mentally therapeutic (at least for me) to just write about the experiences. I have a PSP and have been glued to Tiger Woods 07. I suggest signing up for NetFlix and start watching “The Wire” - the HBO show about the drug game in inner city Baltimore.

Try lying on your stomach and bending at the knee to keep your foot in the air. My doc said it’s much better for circulation than sitting on your butt with your leg propped up. It’s a little weird at first, but you’ll get used to it.

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