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So my friend calls me up middle of December and says want to join a flag football league. 10 weeks $50.00 we really go out there for fun.  Since i play hockey 2 times a week i figure it would be a good way to get a third day of exercise in.  In week three i catch the ball turn up field and i think i get hit in the back of the leg with another football, some guys warming up on the sidelines.  no football around, the defender said i tripped and fell.  So i get up to go to the huddle and nothing in the leg, i just fall.  thought it was a sprain, get to the sideline and i realize i cant feel the tendon. 

I talk to my doctor on Monday he thinks it’s a sprain i get x-rays they’re negative. go in for the MRI a few days after that and i get the news  looks like it is the tendon Matthew you’re going to an orthopedic surgeon.  Great, the one thing i wanted to avoid surgery. 

So two days shy of my three week anniversary of the injury i am getting wheeled into the O.R.  Surgery day was interesting, i had it scheduled for 8:00am but there is something in my family history that the anesthesiologist was uncomfortable with so i had to have it rescheduled for 6:00 that night at a local hospital.  procedure went well, one complication, he had to overlap the tendon when he sewed it back together.  Good news is that should be a better heal, bad news i’ll be NWB or 2 extra weeks.  I have to think so what in 12 months an extra 2 weeks in a wheelchair wont matter if i lower my re-rupture risk

it has been a long, well almost month now and i keep thinking in 5 weeks i’ll be off crutches and out of the wheelchair i hope.  my big fear is a setback.  Has anyone heard of someone tearing the tendon during recovery and having to back for another surgery?  I can’t find anything in anyone’s blog.  but that is a fear i have,  i have a fear of not being able to run again, or do the things i could before.  i have a fear of a blood clot. i keep moving the leg as much as possible to try to avoid but heck i don’t know what i am doing.  i have a ton o’ questions for my doc but i don’t want to unload everything at once.  are the little twitches in my calf normal?  I feel like i am rambling thank you for listening (or reading) i will keep everyone posted.  it turns out that writing about this with folks going through the same thing does seem rather therapeutic.  Talk to you all soon



It all sounds so familiar. All your worries were on my top 5 list too. I think it was Mark Twain that said “All the worst things in my life never happened”. It’s easy to worry when you are on the couch all day thinking. I did it. I’m 11.5 months post op and have been hiking, biking, snowboarding, running, swimming, and unfortunately even working. I will say I’m not 100% yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing what I like. In a lot of ways I’m in much better shape than I was pre rupture. Hang in there and you will be fine. One thing none of us can stop is time, and it will pass no matter what our worries are. Sooner than you think you will be a year out giving advice to the recently ruptured. When I look back I can’t believe how fast recovery seems. Given a green light for 2 shoes at 6 weeks seemed like eternity, looking back it seems insane! Hang in there!


Hi Matthew, I agree that this blogging is helpful so thanks for sharing your story. I’m just starting week 3 post op and so far all is going well. I had a few of the calf muscle twinges and they did freak me out too but the PA said they are totally normal and won’t do any damage. She told me the stitching is really strong and will hold the tendon together unless you do something really dumb. Then she tells me a couple of stories of people who did re-rupture during recovery, one guy was sleeping without his boot and woke up groggy and steps down on his bad leg and the other guy ran out to play a family football game in week 12. I think she was trying to persuade me to take it easy during the next few weeks–and so I am. So far, for me it’s all about being patient. There will be plenty of chance for rehab and time to be aggressive while getting back into shape. Hang in there man!

HI matthew,

Its all good. Stay well hydrated. as far as blood clotting I had read on someones blog about that and got curios real fast. From my understanding is that you should have a pain at the place where the clot is developing, I could be wrong that seemed to be common in the stories I read. To combat that I try to get up every 2 hours and move around, you know to keep the juices flowing. All of your concerns are very normal in my opinioin as I share them and have read of many others that share them too. Heres to a speedy recovery.

hey jason yeah i am flexing my hamstrings and well whatver the mucsle in the fromt is as much as possible and moving my leg at the knee often as well. plus i can sit still for too long so a try to move all the time. hoping that helps. i just read your full story, it sounds like we are on the same timeline. i was hurt the saurday of MLK weekend and operated on 2-5-9. expect i didnt get married in between. just a bunch of doc appt’s and tests/ it took forever for my PCP to believe me. first thing i said to the guy was i hurt my achilles. oh well, when we get to two shoes let’s have a beer together! probally will be about the same time.

thank you bode: you’re about two weeks ahead of me so i am going to keep and eye on your recovery to see what to expect. but you know it seems that everyone has a different experience and a different recovery protocall. for instance i am not in a cast i’m in a splint wrapped in ace bandages and gause. over the last 9 days it has loosened up, i am afraid its because my leg is getting smaller…good luck Bode talk at you soon!!

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