1 year on

Posted on August 16th, 2010 in Uncategorized by mattachille

Well, here I am 1 year and about a month on from my ATR.

This will likely be my final post on the ATR site, but I’ll keep coming back from time to time to see how it’s doing. I just want to say thanks to Dennis for creating this resource and to everyone who read and or commented on my posts. This site really kept me sane in the first dark days after the injury and it was absolutely invaluable.

As for me, the ATR is “almost” just a bad memory. It feels pretty close to 100% and I’m back to all but my most strenuous activities, but am hoping to return to tennis next season a little slower, but wiser maybe. The tendon remains thickened due to scar tissue, but gets better every month, I guess it will always be a little off versus the good one, but that’s just cosmetic. I have noticed a rash of smaller, but annoying injuries to my back and knees this year. Having never had these types of injury over long periods before I’m convinced it’s a sort of domino effect from the ATR. Possibly 6-7 months of walking in a weird posture now finally beginning to unwind and normalise.

Nontheless things look a lot better than a year ago now that my crutches and boot are banished to a storage closet!

Good luck to everyone going through this horrible injury, especially if it’s your first few weeks. It does get better.