Updated Pics

Posted on August 30th, 2009 in Uncategorized by mattachille


 Just thought I’d add a few updated pics at 6-7 weeks for comparison.

 The scar is looking great, all closed up and a bit less violently purple. My only issue is a  sort of “bump” at the bottom of the incision that is taking a while to calm down and is aggravating as hell when wearing shoes.




And here’s the obligatory calf muscle comparison shot.

Last time I measured I had lost 0.4″ on the widest part of the right calf muscle which I think is at the lower end of the scale, but still fairly depressing.

I’m now pretty much out of the boot altogether, although I think I will still wear it for gymn workouts for a while, that’s something I need to check with my PT therapist.

At the moment not allowed to do much in the way of directly strengthening the calf, but I guess just walking on it is the best thing.

Hope everyone else is doing well and keeping spirits up.

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