PT Ramping Up

Posted on August 21st, 2009 in Uncategorized by mattachille

Today was my second PT appointment and things are starting to get a bit harder.

In addition to my first set of exercises they’ve now added more glute strenghthening, a devilish mode of torture called “the clam”. This actually is a great exercise and one I’ll continue after the ATR experience is over. I’ve also been started on leg presses in the boot with very low weights + stationary cycling which is great.

Finally they also had me standing and doing weight shifts from foot to foot out of the boot. That was a little scary at first, but quickly getting the hang of it again. I’m really glad of my years of Tai Chi training as I seem to have few issues at all with regaining balance on the bad foot, was even able to stand one footed for 10-15 seconds. That impressed my therapist :-). I’m technically allowed to walk without the boot from next week and up till now I was quite nervous about it. However with the guidance and prep work I’m doing in PT it’s starting to seem reasonable.

I did have a lttle more swelling than normal after today’s exertions and some aching in the ankle, but it has cleared up pretty fast with some icing and elevation.

I’ve read a few blogs of people going through ATR recovery without PT and I have to say I’m astonished. For me the actual physical improvement combined with the psyhcological support of having a professional guide back to activity seems completely essential.

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