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Hi, I am 5 1/2 weeks post op, and lucked upon this site.   My ATR happened running out of the ocean on a flat mellow evening.   I have been an ocean lifeguard in Jax Bch FL since I was 15.  Now 39, I was training for a tournament,  I am usually a paddleboarder, but agreed to the swim leg of a race, as I did not have my board.  My dear friend and captain had me racing two 19 year old hot shots.  I think for fun.  I was getting beat , but not too bad, when I hit shallow water.  I thought I could catch the kid in front of me if he tripped in a pothole and I ran my but off.  I went from a swim to a full sprint in waist deep water.  I hit the pothole and felt the pop.  There was no pain, but my right foot did not work.  I just laid down and waved my arm.  The young guards quikly loaded me on the truck and I was in the E room in 30 minutes.  I had surgery 5 days later.  After a week in an equinus position, I was in the boot, no weight bearing.  Today, My doc said, “Ok get rid of the crutches and put weight on it.   (Relearning to walk is a lot tougher than I anticipated.)   Just kept the boot on for a few more weeks. ”  I start pt tommorrow.  I have tried to keep fit by wheelchairing to work and back(light duty, radios/communications),pullups, dips, upper body weight stuff, crunches.  Today I got in the pool for 35 minutes and it was shear joy. 

I have learned to appreciate the blessing of a working healthy body.  In the few days I have been checking out this site, it has been a comfort to hear the progress of others.  To those that just took the fall, stay strong and hopeful.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 


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  1. Morning from England Matt,

    From what I have just read you seem to be progressing very fast, please don’t push yourself too far we have had a few re-ruptures on this site.

    Hope you are back on beach duty as soon as possible.

    I have a dramatic change of attitude towards people in wheelchairs, I was always considerate but I think I would now be even more considerate and perhaps approach them more directly, I found when I was out in the wheelchair if my husband was pushing me he got those, poor man looks and glanced at me as if I was stupid!!

    Anyway, good luck with your progress.

  2. hi matt,
    glad you found this site and are progressing well. that’ll teach you to race 19 yrs olds! LOL
    hope your recovery is smooth and you can get back to doing what you love soon.

  3. Welcome to the club, Matt.

    I was reading your post and it was weird because my therapist just yelled at me for doing too much at the beach yesterday. I was all swollen and stiff when I got in there today. She said the leg/foot muscles work 2 to 3 times harder when in sand. Im not stopping going to the beach, but I might cut back on the horseshoes and the swimming…nahhhh, probably not.

    Good luck!

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