Wake up foot muscles. Good doc appt

Doc appt went great.  3rd post op,(this time) 7 weeks.  My doc took a look, felt, squeezed, “Wow, I can tell you haven’t been using this leg, the muscle is gone”.  Gosh doc, no kidding.  But he said to ditch the crutches, walk on the boot for 2 weeks, then shoes.   Start PT in 2 weeks.  I am clear to return to my 2nd job as a waiter on monday, slow start, lunches, in the boot.   I did this for a week last time and it went fine.  I can also start swimming in a pool(stoked)  It gas been great hanging on the couch with the boot off, and sleeping without it.  One thing though  walking hurts!  Not the tendon, but my foot.  those muscles have been off all summmer(with a short break) and they are pissed.  I have used one crutch occasionally for balance and just to help out.  I try not to lean, as now the key is to walk as normally as possible.  The learning to walk curve is amazingly fast.  I did wheelchair to work as I did not want to drive yet and my bike is obviously off limits.  TS Hanna is still sending good waves, and I convinced some of the young lifeguards to try bodysurfing with a McDonalds tray.  Now the boss is worried about trays dissapearing from the local McDs.

This is a major milestone, I am happy.  But as I know from experience, this is a time to really take it slow.  My own timelime is I hope to surf by Nov, maybe some flat water paddleboard stuff by Oct.  As for road biking I have no Idea.  Right now I am just thankful to learn to walk again.  Stay  positve every one.  Matt 


2 Responses to “Wake up foot muscles. Good doc appt”

  1. C’mon Matt,

    We can make it! All the waves of 2009 are waiting for us!!! Keep on recovering.

  2. Hi Matt,

    How are you doing on your re-ruptured repaired achilles? I fear I re-ruptured mine at 2 weeks post op in a fall.

    Really tough to swallow.

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