Wake up foot muscles. Good doc appt

Doc appt went great.  3rd post op,(this time) 7 weeks.  My doc took a look, felt, squeezed, “Wow, I can tell you haven’t been using this leg, the muscle is gone”.  Gosh doc, no kidding.  But he said to ditch the crutches, walk on the boot for 2 weeks, then shoes.   Start PT in 2 weeks.  [...]

No bodysurfing yet

Hiya,  Yesterday was 7 weeks, boot, NWB,  I almost typed “again”, but last time I only made it to 6 weeks.  This has been a heck of a summer.  I saw a lot of good surf go by without me.  For the most part I felt lucky to be able to watch.  Hurricane  Bertha was [...]