Hi everyone.  Just passed 6 weeks post op(2nd time), Boot, 90 degrees, NWB, no ROM exercise. Everything looks fine, just starting to get weird muscle spasms in my calf.  I see the doc in a week, hopefully to walk in the boot.  Maybe I’m hitting the wall, but I am more nervous now than  ever.  I guess it just getting anxious for the next mile stone.   With no ROM stuff, I don’t “see” as much progress as I want to.  

The gals down at the beach are getting a little tired of my “lifeguard on wheels” line, but it still gets a laugh.  My wheelchairs times are back up to top speed.  I look foward to losing that skill.








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  1. Great progress, and the walking in the boot will be a welcome change I am sure. You must be very tired of this — but hang in there, and be careful!

    Are you a lifeguard year round? I guess you are not diving into the ocean much these days.

    I was able to swim just after 6 weeks…it was great. I still wore my boot to the pool, and took it on and off just before and after I entered the pool. Maybe you will get to swim soon.

    best of luck….be careful out there

  2. tennisjunkie, Winter lifeguarding is a reduced staff, lots of training and planning. I do a few days a week and work as a waiter—another achilles sensitive job.
    Yesterday was 7 weeks, with a doc appt later today, so I am hoping for clearance to swim. The thought of a pool is heaven.

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