3 weeks post op (again) tommorrow.

Hiya everybody.  I am 3 weeks tommorrow, and feeling very positive.  My wheelchair workouts are are back up to speed.  I have been cleaning my leg w/ baby wipe out of the boot, and keeping it on wrapped in a bag in the shower, as I don’t want to take any chances w/ a bathroom slip.  My light duty @ the lifeguard station is turning into the whole summer, but it could be a lot worse.  I saw a fellow who came up to borrow one of our beach wheelchairs.  He was in a chair for life, colostomy bag etc.  He had a smile, and kind words.  Some the cockiest teenage guards stopped by my radio box to tell me they felt thankful.  Not to be too new agey, but I’ll paraphrase Dan Millman-We heal for many reasons.  Matt

3 Responses to “3 weeks post op (again) tommorrow.”

  1. Good progress with the second surgery - you sound very patient, and that is good.

    It is hard to get too sorry for oneself when there are others who won’t get up and walk someday. Keeps it in perspective, doesn’t it?

    Congrats on your outlook.

  2. Makes me feel very humble, I have known people in wheelchairs for life and they just get on with it.

    I’m now down to one crutch and so thankful I can at least get around unaided now.

    Good luck

  3. What do your “wheelchair workouts” consist of? I just borrowed a wheelchair and I’d like to stay in shape.

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